5 Clear Signs The Person In Front Of You Is A TOTAL BORE

People who have charisma are known for their ability to bring people’s spirits up with ease.

And when you spend time with these fun-to-be-around individuals, you cannot help but feel alive and full of energy. Sadly, there are also those we put in the “boring” category. Being around boring people can sometimes make you wish you could teleport to the other side of the planet in an instant, as interacting with them can drain all your energy in less than five minutes.

So, here are 5 signs you’ve been “blessed” with the presence of a boring person.

1. They’re superficial

A boring person stays away from meaningful conversations. They’d rather talk about dead topics like the weather and keep repeating the same things all the time. It is simply a nightmare to try and build a deep connection with a person like that.

2. They just can’t be bothered to make an effort…

These people are monotone, unexpressive, and avoid making eye contact. If the person you’re trying to communicate with comes off as completely disengaged, it is a clear sign you’re dealing with a total bore.

3. They’re way too negative

There’s nothing more offputting than someone who always looks at the rotten side of things and never stops complaining. Each time you start talking about something fun and positive, the bore finds a reason to complain about it.

4. They are predictable

The bore can’t help being predictable. These people are filled with cliches, they agree to everything they’re being offered without thinking twice, and they rarely express any solid opinions of their own. Boring individuals can also come across as way too nice, always complimenting other people repeatedly until it turns from flattering to outright annoying.

5. They’re extremely self-centered

Bores constantly talk about themselves – their problems and achievements – never stopping to think that others might want them to take interest in what they’ve been up to as well. These tedious people cannot understand how ugly and offputting their selfishness is. Also, when they’re telling a story, it takes them all day to get to the point because they cannot stop veering in all kinds of directions…

The question is, are boring people destined for a life of loneliness and exile? Not necessarily. If they can see the wrongness of their ways, the bore can change and become a better listener and communicator. They can learn that dominating every conversation does not bring them extra points and that taking an interest in the lives of others goes a long way when it comes to building new relationships. In short, becoming a little more charismatic can save the bore from being excluded from their social circles.

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