5 bulletproof ways to break free from narcissistic abuse

Escaping a narcissist’s influence is one of the most petrifying challenges someone could ever go through. It requires enormous amounts of strength, courage, and self-awareness to set yourself free from the chains they have wrapped around you.

Ignoring the narcissist is probably the best strategy to get rid of their toxic presence.

Avoiding their company, limiting the time you spend with them, and not letting their words affect you are some of the ways you can trigger them to the point where they are no longer interested in preying on you.

In general, narcissists are people who feed on others’ despair. Moreover, they use their victims’ weaknesses to play with their feelings in order to control them. But even though they seem they have it all figured out, in reality, they are nothing but emotionally crippled individuals who have no idea what empathy, kindness, and love mean.

As sad as it is, you can use this knowledge to break away from their abuse.

Here are 5 surefire ways to ignore a narcissist and save yourself from their toxic influence:

1. Disregard their provocations. 

Narcissists are nothing but grown-up bullies. The moment they sense you are no longer so easy to manipulate, they begin provoking you even more in a bid to bring out the worst in you. But if you manage to resist their attempts to get under your skin, they will eventually give up. It may be a long process, but when narcissists get bored with someone, they simply walk away. Your indifferent behavior will surely leave them uninterested in bothering you sooner or later.

2. Don’t try to even the score. 

Seeking revenge will only get you more emotionally invested in this person, which is exactly what they want. Vengeance can never bring you peace, so you should better give up on that idea while it hasn’t become too late. Instead, try to limit your contacts with the narcissist as much as you can. Stop wasting your energy on feeding their ego by paying attention to their toxic presence. This will let them know that they can no longer control you, which will eventually result in them fleeing from your life for good.

3. Don’t let their words hurt you. 

This one may be the hardest step of them all. Sometimes words hurt more than any other form of emotional or physical abuse. Ignoring them can be incredibly challenging, especially when they come from someone who has had the chance to get to know your weaknesses and uses them against you. That is exactly why you must withstand letting their malicious comments get to you. You must find the strength within you to look the other way when they are attacking you with hurtful claims and false accusations. It won’t be easy, but it will definitely make them reconsider abusing you any further.

4. Don’t let them feed on your energy.

Narcissists are people who feed on others’ misery. They crave to see the ones around them suffer, as it gives them a sense of superiority. The truth is that they are quite miserable themselves, so seeing someone in a worse position makes them feel better about their own pathetic lives. The one thing that weakens them is witnessing someone else’s happiness. You can destroy a narcissist by simply focusing on the things that bring you joy while ignoring their attempts to bring you down. Yes, it is that simple.

5. Don’t forget you are the hero in your story. 

As the main character in your story, you are the only one who has control over your fate. Even if you don’t want to admit it, it was you who gave them access to your soul in the first place. The good news is that it is you who can change that. Once you realize you have that power, you will finally be able to break the chains of their toxicity.

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