5 Awesome Ways To Keep Your Long-Distance Friendship Strong

How do you not go crazy when the person who knows you best has moved thousands of miles from home?

Take a look at the following tips that may help you ease the pain and make your long-distance friendship feel a little more bearable and exciting.

1. Schedule regular video calls in advance

Choose a day and time that works for both of you. Call each other on a regular basis and try to use the same days if possible. See how things are going, share your news, or simply talk about random things that you’d normally talk about.

2. Create new memories

When it comes down to maintaining friendships in a healthy way, old memories alone won’t do the job. Good friends need to come up with rituals in order to create new memories together. You can do something exciting, fun, and adventurous every time you meet, or maybe invest in a shared holiday in a country located somewhere in the middle of where you both live.

3. Be thoughtful

Due to the fact that you won’t be talking as often as you used to when you lived nearby each other, it will be necessary for you to remind your friend that you’re thinking about them.

These warm gestures can be as small as sending them a photo of something that reminded you of the good old days, or as big as sending them a surprise present if you know your friend has been feeling down lately. You may not always have the opportunity to jump on a plane and see them, but little gestures of kindness will definitely keep you in each other’s hearts.

4. Pick up their call even if you cannot talk and just say, “Hey! I miss you, but I’m busy right now.”

Often, texts are just not enough – especially when you haven’t heard their voice in so long that a few minutes of catching up on your way to work is actually a must.

Even if you’re extremely busy, take the time to answer your best friend’s call just to tell them that you cannot talk at the moment and you’ll call them later. Getting your call answered for two seconds is a much better feeling than simply being ignored. Even on their worst and busiest day, everyone can find a minute to spare.

5. Go shopping on video call together

Out of the blue trips to the mall while on a video call with your best friend can be a refreshing and fun experience for both of you. And isn’t it lamer to just go by yourself anyway? Furthermore, you can help each other make the right choices when it comes to your outfit and much more.

We hope that these tips will be of use to you. Let us know your own tips on how to maintain a long-distance friendship/relationship in the comments section and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed the read.

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