13 signs you are living in the Matrix

We’re living in a pretty crazy world – that’s for sure! Since the day we’re born it’s like the system is making sure that the same basic pattern is built in all of us. A pattern established of unquestioned and mandatory beliefs and “truths” about reality and the world we live in.
Through the rush hours of life we rarely brainstorm about the endless amount of possibilities to what our reality could be ,although this lack of questioning is probably one of the main reasons for our dysfunctional society. Our only chance to fix it before it’s too late is to succeed in adjusting our mindset and actions to the dogmas of a more sustainable, common sensual and intelligent pattern of existence.
The following 13 signs that you’re a slave to the matrix are meant to navigate you and point out different aspects of life , where you might be a slave to a number of false beliefs , from which the matrix benefits.
1. You talk to real people about TV shows and the fake characters involved. The greatest preacher of mass hypnosis is the box in the corner of the room , which is constantly telling us what to believe and what to do through a large deal of mind control , subconscious messages and programming. It heavily promotes sex and violence and the dangerous comprehension that if it’s on the news –it has to be true. At first sight it seems like something small, like getting excited about a movie for example. But when repeated daily and all around the world it proves that something doesn’t have to actually exist or happen in reality in order to provoke REAL feelings in people – and that’s a win for the matrix for sure!
2.You drink fluoridated water and don’t have a problem with it. That’s a pretty famous topic and it’s widely known nowadays – still, most of the people are not bothered by the fact that water is intoxicated by the government. This doing is justified with the statement that fluoride in water aids in dental health but even if it’s true – don’t people have the right to choose if they want such “treatment” or not? And is the fact that the government isn’t asking anyone if they want this “medicine” not a form of slavery? Supporting such massive examples of slavery = supporting the matrix!
3.You knowingly take Aspartame and other related toxic chemicals. If you acknowledge the presence of Aspartame and other poisonous chemicals in your “food” and that doesn’t bother you, you sure are supporting another belief that has been falsely created. People should never put their temporary gratification before personal health and well-being.
4. The doctor can’t help you anymore. It’s like we’re living in a parallel universe where doctors have switched roles and now are taking care for your sickness instead. The Pharmaceutical industry needs more money and it does not create cures – it creates customers. ”No , don’t change your eating habits or practice basic exercise – better take that pill , okay? “
5. You don’t mind the government sticking their nose in your personal life. It doesn’t matter if you have something to hide or not , that’s not the point – the point is that by allowing this to happen you admit that you are a slave to a master and you have to obey by giving up your sovereignty. It’s a subconscious restriction to your actions- indirect racketeering! Also, small amount of people see the other side of the coin – does the government have something to hide? And if not, what’s with all the millions of secret files and documents?
6.You pay taxes and have no idea what happens with the money after. This is a pretty raw example that slavery nowadays still exist- it’s just a secret, unrealized slavery. We come to this conclusion by connecting modern taxation to the not so far away in history forced slavery work on the plantations, which benefits only the plantation master. Basically, it’s not the same but the main idea of exploiting and gaining wealth is still here. The worst part of it is that you have no idea what happens with the sequestered money you have made through hard work . Ultimately, after working through all your life and sacrificing all that valuable time, just because that’s the created pattern of making a living , you deserve to know what happens with your money.
7.Your history book can’t lie. History is widely manipulated! Just compare the two history books of 2 countries that have been in a war against each other and you’ll see for yourself. Not to mention how different political parties suit history to their best comfort. But that’s not as detrimental as manipulating ancient history – with the small source basis we have about ancient times and the restricted access to it, it’s really easy to manufacture false beliefs. By the lack of knowledge about who we are and how we came to be we leave another weak spot for the matrix to exploit.
8.Bashing open-minded science with skepticism. The point of science is to explore the unknown , to explain the “impossible” phenomena , therefore, open-minded science should be encouraged and It shouldn’t be the target of skepticism because that puts boundaries around it and thus slows its progress. People who ridicule ideas like extraterrestrial life, different spiritual experiences and so on are living in a narrow world and are also self-reducing their own capabilities and potential – and that’s the perfect matrix society , one without people thinking outside the box.
9.You are devastated by your football team loss but you don’t care about the worsening environment around you. I bet you enjoyed the Mondial 2014 in Brazil but did you care to inform yourself about the sacrifice of the Amazon for example or the ongoing protest against poverty and low quality life taking place just meters away from the stadiums? If you were more concerned about Brazil’s defeat than global environmental and humanitarian problems than I have bad news for you – the matrix has succeeded in stealing your sense of self-preservation and empathy and has left you with an impulsive tendency for triviality and escapism.
10.You think that only your government should have access to guns for the safety of citizens. Yes, it’s true that guns make it quite easier for criminals to kill or commit crimes but the same pattern goes for the government too. Guns are also great servants to citizens against abusive governments – imagine how would the French revolution develop, if the rebels didn’t have access to fire arms. Also, brief history has more to teach us – remember what Stalin did after USSR citizens gave away their guns?
11. You are either a red commie or a capitalistic bastard. This statement applies to countries all around the world – the matrix has built the pattern of having to choose between 2 general political fractions – everywhere we have a main right party and a main left party who never seem to agree whit each other and the other parties around them are somewhat subfractions with basically the same views. That’s a raw example of “divide and conquer“– by wasting your words and energy on arguing with your friend who’s master is better, in general you’re both supporting another matrix law.
12.You bet your mental health on the pharmaceutical industry complex. Just like the doctor case but this time the matrix is reaching directly to your brain – that’s probably the most apparent form of mind control. Emotions are not real – it’s all complex chemical processes in your brain and they play a big part in shaping our character and who we are. When we willingly take pills that alter our chemical balance in our brain and body , we are technically letting someone play with our mind –direct mind control if you will! That’s one of the matrix’s most dangerous weapons , not to mention the level of dependence most of these medications create.
13.You can’t imagine a world without money. That’s a very dangerous idea , dangerous for the matrix that is – it may even be the most crucial blow on the system! To think that our society won’t function without money is the same detrimental skepticism narrow-minded people apply with arguments that aren’t actually supported by facts. Through activist movements it’s widely considered that the main cause of our society’s decay is the incorrectly built socio-economic system highly depended of the subsidiary monetary system. This is one of the main roots of the matrix and who knows, it may fall apart once we weed it out.
Written by Stoyan – Guest Writer

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