35 photos reminding us how awesome squirrels are

Anyone who believes squirrels are anything less than awesome needs to see this!

Not only squirrels are amazing, but they are also highly intelligent and absolutely cute. These sweet fluffy animals make every little thing they do look adorable and funny at the same time.

Here are 35 photos proving that squirrels are indeed awesome!

1. They rock the Superhero landing.

Image credits: isr3104

2. They are adorably photogenic.

Image credits: PrinceWilliam13

3. They love making friends with other animals.

Image credits: oona36

4. They can even get a little defiant.

Image credits: bunnies1231

5. They come in many sizes and colors.

Image credits: Panda_911

As Bored Panda notes, squirrels come in a lot of sizes. For example, the African pygmy squirrel and least pygmy squirrel are only 10-14 cm(3.9-5.5 in) tall, while the Bhutan giant flying squirrel can reach up to 1.27 m(4 ft 2 in) in length.

6. That little hand stole my heart away.

Image credits: ghoulxish

7. Apparently, squirrels are ice cream lovers…

Image credits: kcyal8r

8. …and pizza lovers too!

Image credits: michpalm

9. Plus, they love snuggling.

Image credits: vossejongk

10. And napping.

Image credits: manero64

The most commonly recognized type are tree squirrels. They can be seen almost everywhere, from city parks to woodlands. Their favorite snacks are berries, flowers, and, of course, nuts.

11. This squirrel found an Easter Egg!

Image credits: LadyBelle1985

12. They are also very social creatures. This old lady used a marionette of herself to feed her new squirrel friend.

Image credits: tikotanabi

13. Squirrel fell in love with my stepdad.

Image credits: forty_hands

14. Besides, they are total selfie stars!

Image credits: deniwee

15. This squirrel was begging for more popcorn after two girls near me ran out. He came over to me and did this just as I took the photo because I couldn’t believe how close he was!

Image credits: Ukiri

And whoever tells you humans and squirrels don’t get along, show them these charming little dining areas people built for their fluffy friends.

16. I made a squirrel bar.

Image credits: thompsonwoodworks

17. A man built this tiny picnic table for squirrels.

Image credits: Rick Kalinowski

18. Thought this belonged here. Honestly one of the only reasons I wake up in the mornings because I get so excited.

Image credits: ItzCorndog40

19. I filled a tiny teacup with some walnuts for my squirrel friend.

Image credits: Dankwhalez

20. And when they finish their meal, they enjoy a well-deserved nap.

Image credits: devray88

Ground squirrels are another well-known species. They live in tunnels and burrows and munch on nuts, leaves, roots, seeds, and sometimes insects. Some even hibernate during the winter season.

21. So the other day my dad called me and told me his golden retriever found a baby squirrel that was half alive in the yard. He rescued it and fed it. This is them a few days later. Now It won’t leave his side.

Image credits: Kh0nsuu

22. This albino squirrel comes to our door & begs for corn every day!

Image credits: myhusbandlovesme

23. The day after Hurricane Irma, this baby squirrel ran straight up to me, jumped into my hands and passed out. I’m sure it had a rough night.

Image credits: purrbubble

24. New York squirrels will just tap you on your shoulder and ask “you gonna finish that?”

Image credits: JakenBits

25. I’m stuck in hospital right now and every morning this wee guy and his pals comes to my window.

Image credits: LiverLungWullie

26. Baby squirrels are the cutest!

Image credits: ronnieth024

27. We adopted a badly injured baby squirrel. Here’s one of the first photos of him.

Image credits: Priami

28. My wife getting a hug from a baby squirrel that she’s taking care of.

Image credits: coppergone

29. Milk drunk baby squirrel.

Image credits: importantcatbusiness

30. Saw a pregnant squirrel for the first time today. I’m not sure what I expected but this exceeds all of it.

Image credits: QuaaludeDreams

31. “I’ll trade you this leaf for a snack.”

Image credits: GoldenXXIV

32. Seriously, who could resist this little ball of cuteness?

Image credits: philthehippy

33. This squirrel we’ve been feeding has begun sunbathing on our deck table.

Image credits: Flam1ng1cecream

34. Captured this beauty today in Brevard, NC!!

Image credits: Betty Elmore

35. These two frequent nut stealers have cool frosted tips.

Image credits: its-ya-boi-thiccy

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