30+ pictures of former shelter pets before and after finding loving homes

Have you ever visited your local animal shelter?

If you haven’t, it would be nice to do so. And if you have, you would know how much love and attention these poor creatures need. It’s absolutely heartbreaking how many animals are left out without homes and caring owners.

The numbers are detrimental. Only in the U.S., 6.5 million pets are forced to be placed in different animal shelters each year according to ASPCA. Sadly, due to the overcrowding of shelters, 1.5 million of these unfortunate creatures are being euthanized.

That’s why adoption matters! Not all the statistics are so bitter. About 3.2 million pets are adopted from local shelters every year. Their new loving owners are the real heroes, saving the poor animals from the harsh life they had to live.

The look on the pets’ faces after they find their new forever homes is priceless.

Here are 30+ before and after pictures showing the infinite joy and gratefulness they experience after being adopted.

1. If this isn’t happiness, I don’t know what is.


2. Those puppy eyes say it all.


3. The smile of this pupper is ridiculously adorable.


4. Having loving owners is everything for them.

5. There’s a fighter! This poor dog was suffering from a dangerous form of mange. Thankfully, the new owners took care of it and now it’s healthy and happy again.

6. Here’s a dog that lives life at its finest after being adopted!

7. This sweet little Shepard went from sad to cheerfully curious.

8. A loving home can make a huge difference!

9. At first, he was scared and confused but now he’s more than happy.

10. This little furry ball’s transformation is beautiful!

11. This look is everything!

12. Looks like this pupper had a rough time but now everything is alright.

13. Here’s a wink from a fine gentleman.

14. A five-year difference. This fluff is more than adorable.

15. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.

16. Imagine having someone looking at you like that. Heart-melting!

17. Just look at this beauty!

18. Can you believe this is the same cat? Stunning!

19. It’s amazing what a loving home can do.

20. The grace here is overwhelming.

21. From little and scared this kitten went to confident and dazzling.

22. Look at this happy charmer!

23. Can you see the heart forming on this lovely pupper’s head? This must be from the love of its new owners!

24. Little Smoky here, rescued from abusive former owners. He’s now having the greatest time of his life!

charlie bono

25. Meet Holly. Still grumpy, but fabulous!

26. Long romantic walks on the beach are probably one of the most effective ways to help your new puppy forget about the horrific cage life.

Heather Dalton

27. What happens to those unfortunate animals before somebody takes care of them is devastating.

28. It’s never too late to get adopted!

29. Best friends for life!

30. The taste of freedom!

31. Amazing transformation!

32. Belly rubs, please!


33. This precious kitten is loving its new home.

34. Those honey-pool eyes are sparkling like little diamonds.

35. Christmas is coming!


Source: Boredpanda

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