30+ hilarious photos of quarantine baking fails

Now that most of us have some free time on our hands while following the stay-at-home restrictions, we can finally get creative and give the spotlight to the little chefs inside of us. This is the perfect time for that oreo cheesecake recipe you’ve been wanting to try out for so long.

Well, we might not be the best cooks out there, but we sure have the spirit. Even if what we create ends up being a massive fail, at least it would take our minds off what’s going on outside for a while. Here are 30+ photos of baked quarantine disaster masterpieces. Which one is your favorite?

1. I definitely left my future self some notes for the next time! No more cookie puddles, please and thank you.

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Are you leaving good notes for future you? 📝 Past Jeanette has definitely not always left clear notes for current Jeanette. Case and point are these cookie puddles I made yesterday. Late 20's Jeanette modified a recipe and didn't quite write ALL of the instructions down, ahem. Oops. Luckily mid-30's Jeanette pivots well and did not burn said cookie puddles, so they may end up in some homemade nice cream 😅. I definitely left my future self some notes for the next time! No more cookie puddles, please and thank you 🙅‍♀️😂. When I coach my clients, we talk a lot about writing an owner's manual. Making mental, and oftentimes physical notes for yourself about what works for you and what doesn't. It's both a process of understanding yourself better and a way of sending a little love letter to future you. 'Hey future me, That shitty diet /low-sleep schedule was bad news. You deserve better. This is what actually worked last time. I've got your back. ❤️ Past me' Don't let yourself keep falling into the same holes (or make the same cookie puddles). Make some good notes for future you ✍️ ~ Coach Jeanette **** If you are a busy woman who's willing to give me 15 min per day to level up your life, send me a message and tell me what your biggest health struggle is. If I can't help you, I'll always do my best to recommend someone who can.

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2. Ummm….are the cinnamon buns supposed to try and escape from the pan? Asking for a friend.

3. The Cookie Monster is screaming right now…

4. Just don’t ask.

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Just don’t ask… #sourdough #bakingfail

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5. Help, my cookies are not social distancing!

6. Who wants some banana bread?

7. Epextecation vs reality.

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Epextecation vs reality. LOL! Happy Easter!#bakingfail

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8. These things happen.

9. Easter baking at its finest. Swipe to see the result!

10. I am NOT a cookie baker!

11. In these hard times, we remember how essential flour can be.

12. Looks like someone’s trying to escape.

13. Behind every successful bundt cake is a miserably failed bundt cake, am I right?!

14. Oh, fluff. Mom’s been baking.

15. The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow, right?

16. My last pie ever.

17. Beware of exploding macaroons!

18. Thought I’d try making Banana bread to keep busy, all was going well until…

19. When you get a little too ambitious.

20. My challahday easter bunny didn’t quite work out. Swipe to see the finished product!

21. I think I made the peanut butter cookies a bit too big.

22. I present my attempt at Easter bunny dinner rolls.

23. Believe it or not, these were supposed to be pretzels.

24. Expectations vs reality pt.2

25. Happens to the best of us.

26. Another beautifully messed up banana bread.

27. This is what happens when you alter a recipe too much.

28. We are still eating it!

29. What creature was this supposed to be?

30. This low-key looks delicious.

31. Bonus picture: What do you think about these lighthouse cookies?

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