30+ hilarious photos of animals having a worse day than you

Some days just don’t feel right. Especially Mondays. But there are people and in this case, animals, who could have a far worse day than ours. That’s why we shouldn’t lose all hopes when we’re late for work, spill coffee on our white shirts, or miss the bus. These things could happen to anyone.

Here’s what Karen Johnson, a doctor of veterinary medicine, told Bored Panda about the way animals deal with stressful situations:

“Dogs seem to be better equipped to handle stressful situations than cats. Cats very often can make themselves ill due to stress or have behavioral problems such as urinating outside the litter box.”

If today is one of these days for you, check out these 35 photos of pets who are having quite a ruff one.

Maybe these unfortunate fellas might bring the smile back on your face.

1. Do you think this is funny?

Image credits: boyroid

2. Oreo apparently found a bag of charcoal and played with it.

Image credits: iamsecondtonone

3. This pal got stuck in a pack of frozen fish fillets.

Image credits: xenphioncrisux

4. Sarah (dog) stole a bite of Stella’s food and Stella came running to me in the kitchen to literally bitch about it 🤣 🤣

Image credits: jamiejo389

5. I had to cut down a tree in my yard and now I feel bad.

Image credits: wer190

6. The risk I took was calculated, but man, I’m bad at math.

Image credits: StazzyDVlad

7. This poor cat got stuck between the glass door and the screen door.

Image credits: dylan_smith58

8. Doggy vs danger noodle.

Image credits: Imgur
Image credits: BozoTheTown

10. My dog’s facial expressions when I didn’t turn towards the dog park.

Image credits: TJNel

11. No, this isn’t a trash panda. This is a recycle panda!

Image credits: mysweetriot

12. So this happened…

Image credits: GoAskAlice

13. My pitbull always thought he was the biggest dog at the dog park.

Image credits: warros

14. I think a squirrel fell off my roof…

Image credits: beefyfritosburrito

15. This is Ralph. He heard a firework.

Image credits: dog_rates

16. My dog ran away, after hours of looking I came home to this…

Image credits: Cowdimples31

17. That’s the face your dog makes when you don’t give it the last bite of your burger.

Image credits: waxiestapple

18. A little hamster with a broken bone. The doctor had a hard time dressing it.

Image credits: club26212960

19. This is why you shouldn’t leave your kids alone with the dog.

Image credits: crazysnake

20. I kicked over my cat’s milk and had no replacement. He sat opposite me as I ate my dinner looking at me like this.

Image credits: fieldsc

21. Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

Image credits: Calzel

22. My husband and I can officially check “pull a balloon string out of a cat’s asshole at 11:30 at night” off our bucket list. FINALLY!

Image credits: dishie

23. My friend’s cat had surgery and now he has no pants.

Image credits: edwardhowrongtu

24. If Samuel L. Jackson was a dog…

Image credits: hawk-queen

25. Her bowl is in the dishwasher.

Image credits: noiamnotyourfriend

26. My goat broke his trampoline and he’s very upset!

Image credits: harboringgrace

27. Let my dog out into the garden, two minutes later I hear her barking and go outside to see this.

Image credits: Nolanus

28. My boyfriend doesn’t believe that his cat bullies mine.

Image credits: lls1494

29. A pup’s owner used hair dye instead of dog shampoo. This is the result.

Image credits: mimi.joy826

30. Just thought I’d check in on the dogs.

Image credits: wps1991

31. My friend took her cat to get fixed and his face shows exactly his thoughts about it.

Image credits: kclark2293

32. When life turns upside down…

Image credits: Pigglepoo

33. This baby stepped on his leash and couldn’t move unless someone helped him.

Image credits: Astrid00

34. My Dauschund puppy got stuck in the couch cushions.

Image credits: ItHirtsWhenIP

35. This is my cat after trying to run out the door… Into a wall of snow.

Image credits: Slaughterizer

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