20+ WOW facts that you probably didn’t know

“Did you know” facts are everywhere around us. There could be an interesting story behind every single thing you can think of. The strings of a guitar, the bark of willow, the whisker pattern of a lion – all these things and many more hide fascinating meanings, tales, and myths that can knock you over.

Are you ready for a ride of thought-provoking, intriguing, mind-blowing revelations?

Here are 20+ jaw-dropping facts you probably had no idea about.

1. Did you know that 40% of jobs could be replaced by AI in the near future?

“AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind,” said Kai-Fu Lee, an expert in the field. According to the artificial intelligence pioneer, 40 percent of jobs could be entirely automated in the next 15 years.

2. Did you know that Prince Harry and his beloved wife Meghan Markle are distant cousins?

The lovely ex-royal couple is related through a 15th Century English ancestor of the Queen Mother, the High Sheriff of County Durham Ralph Bowes.

3. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II keeps track of her iconic outfits?

And while we are on a Royal wave… We all know that Queen Elizabeth II never wears the same hat twice. Apparently, she also records when and where she wears her dresses to avoid repeating them as well. There is a whole spreadsheet listing her exact outfit each day.

4. Did you know that people almost never smiled for a photo?

The reason why we all smile when someone photographs us is quite bizarre. Smiling in photos became a thing in the 1920s due to a Kodak advertisement campaign that was focused on capturing positive vibes and happy moments.

5. Did you know that hand gestures you consider normal are inappropriate in some countries?

The “devil horns” is a clear example of a hand gesture you should not use just anywhere. For instance, in some European and South American countries, this particular gesture implies that a man’s wife has been unfaithful. This meaning is closely related to the word “cuckold,” which is “horned” in Italian, Spanish, and Greek.

6. Did you know that you can hear the wind on Mars?

The wind on Mars is audible and that was proven by NASA InSight Seismometer. The sensors picked up the cosmic sounds via vibrations.

7. Did you know that you can switch aspirin with willow bark as a painkiller?

In fact, willow bark has been used as an alternative pain relief substance for centuries. That’s because the bark contains the active ingredient salicyl, which turns to salicylic acid and is even more gentle on the stomach than an ordinary aspirin.

8. Did you know that trees have a secret language?

That’s right, trees talk! Of course, their way of communication differs from ours. They use an underground network of fungi that allows them to exchange resources and even warn each other of potential dangers.

9. Did you know that lions can be identified by their whisker patterns?

While humans have unique fingerprints, lions have different whisker patterns. The whisker spots which are found on each side of the face are the only thing in a lion’s body that remains unchanged throughout the animal’s life.

10. Did you know that goats have EQ?

Goats have feelings too! As per National Geographic, goats are intelligent, social animals that can differentiate between other goats’ happiness or displeasure by listening to their voices. This way, they can tell how one another is feeling.

11. Did you know that you could send children via the mail before 1920?

Back in the days, postage was much cheaper than a train ticket. So, some parents who couldn’t afford a ticked used to send their kids to their grandparents’ houses through the mail. This way of “shipping” children became quite popular, and titles like “Baby by parcel post” used to pop up regularly in the daily newspapers.

12. Did you know that 1 in 4 American citizens think that the sun revolves around the Earth?

Flat-earthers are not the only society defying what we all know from our physics books. According to a study that surveyed 2,200 Americans, a quarter of the participants were convinced that the sun revolves around the Earth, not the other way around.

13. Did you know that blinking serves as a mental rest?

Many of us believe that by blinking, we make our eyes feel less dry. However, it turns out that blinking actually gives our brain a rest. These incredibly short breaks are our minds’ way of recharging.

14. Did you know that you can survive in space without a spacesuit?

It takes about 15 seconds for a person to lose consciousness in space. So, technically, you can float in space unbothered for at least several seconds. What is more, someone actually experienced it. In 1965, a technician accidentally depressurized his suit while inside a vacuum chamber. He lost consciousness in about 12 seconds. Luckily, he regained it at 27 seconds, after his suit was depressurized.

15. Did you know that there was a computer virus that has been able to cause physical damage?

Stuxnet, the malicious computer worm, is able to inflict physical destruction on computer-controlled equipment. It has even been able to unlock digitally manipulated locks in prisons.

16. Did you know that there is an Alaskan town that goes dark for over 65 days?

If you ever go to Alaska, make sure you visit the City of Utqiaġvik, previously known as Borrow. It is quite a unique place, as it sees darkness for about 65 days every year. This period is known as polar night and is due to the city’s geographical location above the Arctic Circle.

17. Did you know that the sea turtle is the fastest reptile?

That’s right – turtles are not so slow. In fact, sea turtles can swim as fast as 35 mph!

18. Did you know that viruses are NOT alive?

Viruses are not living creatures. They are just “inert packets of chemicals” that are inanimate and don’t have cells. Without a host, they are completely unable to function.

19. Did you know that most of our freshwater is stored in icecaps?

Up to 70% of our planet’s fresh water is stored in the coldest parts of the globe, meaning glaciers and icecaps.

20. Did you know that the length of your fingers can foretell how attractive you are?

Finger length and ratios predict facial attractiveness in men. For instance, if a guy’s ring finger is longer than his index finger, then he probably has a more appealing face.

21. Did you know that the longest pizza in the world is over a mile long?

With the help of 4,409 pounds of flour, 250 Italian chefs made the world’s longest pizza, which turned out to be exactly 1.15 miles long.

22. Did you know that matcha is much richer in caffeine than green tea?

The next time you order a matcha latte from your favorite coffee shop, you will know why it wakes you up so fast. One cup of matcha contains a whopping 280 mg of caffeine, while the traditional green tea has only 35 mg. This means matcha has eight times more caffeine than green tea.

23. Did you know that carbs make you sleepy?

If you didn’t know there is a reason why you pass out after a huge meal, now you know. Most comfort foods, which are rich in carbs, make you sleepy. That’s because carbohydrates contain an amino acid called tryptophan that causes sleepiness.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this collection of interesting “Did you know” facts. If other curious matters come to your mind right now, feel free to share them in the comment section!

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