20+ pictures showing just how the deep freeze affected Texas

Texans show just how freezing cold it is in the state right now. 

Texas is currently facing below-freezing temperatures the state’s residents haven’t seen in ages. From highways full of snow to frozen pools, bathtubs, and even toilets, Texans are experiencing an unthinkable frostiness they were definitely not prepared for.

Here are 20+ pictures showing the unimaginable extent of the Texas deep freeze:

1. Dangerously frozen roads.

2. Highways full of snow. 

3. Parking gone wrong. 

4. Frozen ceilings & playgrounds.

5. Iced up fish tanks.

6. Walking on water.

7. Ice running down the faucets.

8. Not just the faucets, but the toilets too.

9. Even the hot tubs couldn’t stand a chance.

10. Apocalypse Now?

11. Technology was affected as well. 

12. Who needs mountains?

13. Hallways were never this chilly. 

14. Go figure!

15. Plants are also suffering 😭

16. The cold seems to have woken up prehistoric creatures too.

17. That’s how it’s going in Dallas.

18. Water fountains are now ice sculptures.

19. Just when you think this happens only in cartoons…

20. Luckily, some puppers are having the time of their lives.

Do you have an icy Texas shot from the last few days? Let us know in the comment section!

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