20 Hints For a Happy Life

If you are a type of person who is always searching for new ways to improve their life, these tips for living a healthier and happier life might be just what you are looking for. We have gathered 20 hints that can help you feel better and live your life to the fullest. Before you start reading, have in mind that not everything on this list is a must-do. You choose whether to try one, mix of few or all of the tips and see how they work for you.
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1. Fit body

Our body is our biological computer, a suit for our souls. By staying in shape we help ourselves in many, many ways. The main advantages include physical strength, attractiveness, confidence boost and the list goes on. It takes only 3% of your day for a basic fitness workout. Remember: your body is the “device”with which you perceive and interact with this reality. Take good care for it!

2.Aware mind

In addition to physical power we need knowledge power. Knowledge can be obtained through reading books and through life lessons. The first way tends to be quite relaxing and stress reliving and it’s often considered a hobby. Life lessons are a better but also a harsher teacher– most of the time they are a result of difficult times in life and are accompanied by stress. However, they often lead to ways to be happy and positive in the end.

3.Thought control

Your thoughts shape your personality a lot more than you think. Most personality changing techniques include thought control. This can be done through various meditation and trans practices or thought control exercises. Controlling your stream of thoughts is a key point for learning to love yourself and a creating positive mindset.

4.Keep yourself inspired

A great way of keeping yourself motivated is reading something inspirational before bed and after you wake up. Anything from a quote by your idol to a self-improvement book will do. This trick works great when done in the morning– it’ll keep you excited and positively charged till the end of the day!

5.Decide what your true goals in life are.

This is crucial for your life’s meaning and development. Maybe living day for day isn’t such a great idea? Satisfying yourself with small goals won’t do the trick either. Deciding what’s your main goal in life is such a beautiful thing and it brings you freedom, too. You just have to set your priorities and remember that no one has the right to judge you: it’s your choice weather sitting behind a desk,wearing a suit is your thing, or you prefer an extreme, dynamic life with a skateboard under your feet. Or maybe both! It doesn’t matter, just decide what you want from life and go for it!

6.”The Burning Method”

It’s a pretty simple trick of dealing with small, annoying problems and fears: write down on a sheet of paper whatever bothers you. Then simply light it up and watch your worries turn into ashes.

7.”Sticks and stones may break my bones…..”

The most common expression of aggression tends to be verbal violence. Name calling doesn’t actually bother us, unless they call you something that it’s true. If someone calls you for example “an ass hat”, I doubt you’ll be upset, because you’re not actually an ass hat (wow). But you still are angry/annoyed– I connect that to the subconscious anger towards the intentions behind the words. In other words, the aggressor knows you’re not an ass hat but those words represent his intention to annoy you. You subconsciously know that and that’s why you’re really angry. Next time have that in mind, build up your response to verbal attacks. If someone ends up calling you stuff that are actually true, just swallow it up and thank them for pointing out your flaws. After that work hard on fixing them. Or don’t, it’s your choice.
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8.Snap your negative thoughts away.

A good way to live a happy life by keeping positive thoughts is “The Rubber Band Method”. All you need is a rubber band, your hand and some pain tolerance. Place the band around your hand and every time a negative thought flies through your head, snap it against your skin. You’ll be able to control your thoughts easier because your brain will connect negative thoughts to physical pain.  Unless you’re a masochist, this method will guide you to more positive thoughts.


“The world is a book,and those who do not travel read only one page.” These wise words should make you think about spending some time travelling. It’s pretty romantic, exciting and relaxing to explore the beauty and uniqueness of different cultures and sights around the world. It helps you open your mind and think more globally, not to mention the knowledge our beautiful planet has to offer you!

10.Be kind to people

The simplicity in this tip is so beautiful! Swallow up your bad day and be kind to that waiter! Why ruin other people’s day with rudeness? Rudeness is the weak person’s imitation of strength.

11.Properly apply forgiveness.

Forgiveness is critically important for relationships between people and is an indicator for a strong character. Handling forgiveness properly is crucial to your own well-being. After all, everyone makes mistakes. But have this in mind: was it really a mistake? And does it keep happening after you have forgiven that person before? There are people who would love to exploit your willingness to forgive. Beware!

12.Sleep cycle

Find the best sleeping pattern that fits your lifestyle. Sleep is important but there are various ways and techniques that can fit any schedule. Remember: it will be hard in the beginning. After passing the barrier of around 21 days it won’t be a problem!

13.Let the sunshine in

Ignore the speculations about skin cancer and so on and soak in that vitamin D from the sun rays! Sit on a bench, play some music on and feel the sun touching your skin, feel your body relaxing and charging itself with positive energy!

14.Focus on what’s happening now!

Don’t waste time regretting the past or worrying about the future. The past is gone, you can only learn from it. The future depends on your actions in the present so take action NOW and always have in mind the lessons you have learned from your past.

15.Correct hydration

This can be achieved mainly by drinking the right amount of water at the right time. Don’t fool yourself that drinking different types of soda will give your body the hydration it needs. 60% of your body is water. There are various apps that can help you hydrate your body properly through the day.


When you’re happy, you can’t help it but smile. This goes the other way too– if you smile, your brain releases the hormone of happiness serotonin. It’s a natural way of actually making yourself happy.  You can try this anytime you want, even in the morning while laying in bed. That’s a sure way to start your day off right.

17.Remember people’s names

That’s a great chance to make an awesome first impression. The trick here is to remember it, which shouldn’t be too hard. In the worst cases a rhyme would do the job. The key moment is to actually listen because most of the time you are anxious when you meet new people. Call your new friend back by name as soon as you get the chance. You’ll remember it for sure and make a good impression. People subconsciously love calling them by name.

18.Lucid dreaming

Dreams are the second “reality” everyone is sure exists. It’s pretty strange when you think of  it: while dreaming, you remember little of your “waking life” (enough to recognize places,people…)– just like after you wake up and don’t remember much of your dream. Furthermore, you experience the same emotions and react pretty much the same way, as if you were experiencing that event in “real life”. It’s like a parallel life that begins as soon as you fall asleep. So why not take it to another level? The web is boiling with methods of learning lucid dreaming. That’s the technique of being aware that you’re in a dream and getting  a hold on the situation. It also makes the dream really vivid and easier to remember. Exploit both of your realities to the maximum!

19.Emotion control

Note the effect emotions have on your decisions and how tricky emotional manipulation can be. So, next time someone tries to influence your emotional state, think twice! You are the one who chooses whether to remain happy or burst in anger.

20.Learn something new every day.

This will train your memory and enrich your fact/knowledge arsenal. It’s also a good indicator that you are growing, that you are making progress in a way, no matter how small. Spiritual growth and mind perfection– two precious causes that are worth fighting for!

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