20 heartening photos restoring our faith in humanity during quarantine

These times of self-isolation are quite challenging for every one of us.

The world has never been the same since the beginning of the quarantine. Yet, kindness and humanity are still living in the hearts of many people willing to help others however they can.

Here are 20 heartwarming pictures showing people’s empathy and goodness during the lockdown.

1. A heart-melting serenade.

2. Karma always has its ways.

3. A wholesome WhatsApp group.

4. We need more teachers like this one.

5. “You welcomed me in your country for 10 years. Today I return my favor to you.”

Image credits: BinBag041/Reddit

6. The happiness in this man’s eyes is priceless!

7. Man in Morristown, NJ thanks ER nurses for saving his wife’s life.

Image credits: Austin63867/Reddit

8. Grandaughter telling grandpa of her engagement.

Image credits: Zexestor/Reddit

9. Children amaze us every single day!

Image credits: cas2ie/Reddit

10. Closed football clubs are still encouraging kids to keep active by giving away equipment.

Image credits: Oldmate81/Reddit

11. Being kind in the lockdown in the most British way possible!

Image credits: allthekos/Reddit

12. “My mom is in complete isolation on her 50th since she is immunocompromised.

My little brother texted her this morning to look out the window before letting the dog out.”

Image credits: hillsa14/Reddit

13. “My little sister learned to sew so she could make face masks after a hospital made a post asking for them.”

Image credits: Reddit

14. “An elderly neighbor is giving away these plants to passers by.”

Image credits: jacdoesreddit/Reddit

15. Help is on the way!

Image credits: memezzer/Reddit

16. A liquor company transitioned to making a hand sanitizer and sent the first 1000 liters to the RCMP for free.

Image credits: ladymcrawley/Reddit

17. This gas station is helping the elderly in need.

Image credits: Kat3410/Reddit

18. “I want people to have a happy birthday even though they can’t see their friends or have a birthday party.”

Image credits: Pochea/Reddit

19. “Grateful for stories like this and community in a bleak time.”

20. A 13-year-old is offering his help to neighbors in need.

Image credits: FrankPeregrine/Reddit

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