2-year-old princess beat cancer after a year of exausting treatments

Molly Huges, the 2-year-old princess, certainly has an amazing occasion to celebrate.

At only 21 months old, she managed to beat stage 4 cancer.

She was first diagnosed with this condition also known as neuroblastoma in 2017. By the time doctors found it, the cancer was spread throughout Molly’s whole body. Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer developing from nerve cells. It is the most common form of cancer which affects toddlers younger than five years of age. Symptoms of the disease can include abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits, weakness, irritability, fevers, and anemia or bruising from low blood counts.

Little Molly had to spend over 130 nights in the hospital. The treatment lasted about 15 months including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, stem cell transplants, and radiation. It was so intense that it caused her hearing loss and now she must wear hearing aids.

After all this struggle, Molly’s family is celebrating her astonishing victory over the cruel disease. When her results came back at the end of March this year they showed no sign of cancer cells in her body.

“I believe that’s what helped her get through all this. With all the prayers she’s heard and wich I can’t thank everyone enough for.” – Molly’s mother, Chelsea Huges

Molly is now taking a new trial medication that will help prevent the cancer from returning, but her mother believes that they will still need prayers for a while.

She was definitely one of the lucky children who won the battle against cancer. Now the little princess is living a happy life, enjoying her cheerful and merry babyhood.

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