1963 newspaper goes viral due to a man’s answer to ‘Would a woman be a good president?’

“Would a woman be a good president?” is the 1963 question that’s all over social media. The reason – a man’s witty yet candid answer.

In 1963, Minneapolis Star Tribune questioned several people whether a woman would make a decent president, Distractify reveals. While most of them were clear that women are not suitable for the position, one man’s opinion was quite different.

Vern Hause from Wisconsin was the only one who did not deny that a female will do just as good as a male in governing the country. Though, he did not appear to be too excited about the idea either.

While the other four respondents gave an ultimate “no” as an answer, Vern said:

“She couldn’t do any worse than some we’ve had.”

Twitter users are now praising Hause for his forthright opinion. 

The social media platform is filled with various commentaries about the 60s perception of the idea of a female president. While some deem Vern as a feminist hero, others are highlighting that he only implied that a woman would do just as good(or as bad) as a man.

Meanwhile, other users shifted the focus towards the answers of the other interviewees. Tom Romanowski and his wife, Mrs. Tom Romanowski, both featured in the piece, both started their answers with a firm “no.”

Tom Romanowski: “No. I don’t have much faith in women to let them run the country.”
Ms. Tom Romanowski: “No. A woman is too likely to give in. They might not stand their ground when they should.”

As both answers are clearly similar, some netizens wonder whether Romanowski’s wife’s response would have been different if she wasn’t standing beside her husband while being interviewed.


Would the answers be different if a local newspaper decided to ask the same question today? Do you think a woman would make a good president? Let us know in the comment section!

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