15 subtle signs you’ve become a better and stronger person than you think

Throughout life, we’re often facing severely difficult challenges. A lot of these hardships require a certain level of mental toughness. Not everyone deals with their personal adversities at the same pace, and that’s alright. But there are people who cope with the challenges life brings them incredibly well. They make it seem almost effortless even.

Are you one of those people? Have you reached the level of mental toughness you need to deal with the difficulties on your way?

Here are 15 signs you’re a better and stronger person than you may think.

1. You are not afraid to seek help.

No one should be alone while struggling. As you perfectly understand that, you do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

2. You’ve increased your self-awareness.

Time has taught you that being self-aware is crucial. Even if this means addressing personal characteristics you’re insecure about.

3. You attack your problems at the root.

Your time is too precious to waste it on sugarcoating your problems. Instead of avoiding them as long as you can, just like many people do, you attack your issues right at their core and push through until you fix what’s broken.

4. You’re straightforward.

Whenever someone upsets you or hurts your feelings, you straight-up tell them they did you wrong. Dropping hints and hoping they’ll figure things out is never a successful tactic, and you definitely know it.

5. You apologize for your mistakes.

As a mature human being, you are well aware that whenever you make a mistake, you need to at least apologize for it.

6. You treat people with kindness.

Even though some people might not deserve to be treated so well, you cannot imagine not being decent to whoever stands before you.  Being polite to everyone is not just a result of being raised right, but also a significant part of your personality.

7. You are a good listener.

Some people can’t help it but constantly talk about themselves. But not you. You spend much more time asking questions than selfishly bragging about yourself.

8. You don’t waste time on toxic people.

People who bring no value to your life have no place in it. That’s a motto you’ve learned to live by.

9. You’re sometimes brutally honest.

There are times when you tell the truth, even if it’s going to hurt someone’s feelings. It is your core belief that no matter how painful it could be, truth is always better than any sugarcoated lie.

10. You can’t stand people talking poorly of someone.

Talking behind someone’s back is something that deeply triggers you. In such situations, you simply change the subject.

11. You carefully chose the people in your circle.

You put special effort into your friendships and relationships. As you aspire to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, you realize that anyone else is just not worth the time.

12. You don’t hide your imperfections.

What makes you strong is the fact that you openly accept your flaws. You know that just like your best features, your little imperfections make you who you are.

13. You have boundaries.

There are certain limits you’ve set in your life, and you make sure the ones around you are aware of them.

14. You make a conscious effort to be a good friend.

Even when it gets rough, you make sure you are there for your friends. This way, you are letting them know they can always count on you, no matter how challenging it may get.

15. You are not afraid to deal with mental issues.

Dealing with emotional burdens such as depression, anxiety, or sadness doesn’t scare you. You realize that these issues are a part of everyone’s life, and suppressing them would be senseless. Instead, you hit them right in the root and bravely accept the consequences.

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