15 everyday things with a hidden purpose you probably had no idea about

Usually, we are so concerned about our daily routines that we forget to pay attention to the little things.

There are quite a few tiny details in the items we use the most, which we often overlook. What’s more, those simple features are designed to do so much more than we believe, that they deserve to be truly appreciated.

As a matter of fact, did you know that the tiny dot next to your iPhone camera is actually a microphone?

Well, now you know! Here are 15 everyday things that have a hidden function you may not have known about.

1. The tiny hole next to an iPhone camera.

No, it’s not a flash. Many people simply don’t notice it, but this little dot has a very important purpose. It’s one of the three microphones on an iPhone. This microphone picks up all the sounds around you no matter how you decide to hold your device. What’s more, it helps voice recognition.

Image credits: Dennis Cortés / Unsplash

2. The small buttons on your jeans.

These tiny metal bits, called rivets, are often left unacknowledged. However, these obscure buttons are what’s keeping the most exposed parts of your jeans from tearing apart. Now you know why you still own that pair of jeans from 2009 hanging in your closet looking brand new.

Image credits: Rohit Gowaikar / Flickr

3. The cute pompoms on your fashionable beanie.

Looking cute isn’t the only purpose of this fluffy touch-up to your winter hat. The pompoms were actually used by French sailors so that they wouldn’t bash their heads when the waters get rough. Later, the original design was introduced to army troops. Not long after, they ended up being implemented as a fashionable accessory.

Image credits: Jacek Halicki / Wikipedia

4. The number ’57’ on the Heinz ketchup bottle.

According to Heinz themselves, only 11% of people know the secret purpose of this little spot. The number has nothing to do with the label, but it has a lot to do with the way you get the ketchup on your plate. Forcefully tapping on the bottom of the bottle doesn’t work? Tap on this sweet spot instead.

Image credits: Heinz Ketchup / Twitter

5. The grooves on the bottom of your cups.

Some might think it was just a defect caused by rusty a delivery driver, but it was put there intentionally. After you wash the dishes, this little groove allows the water to flow when you put the cups upside down. Moreover, it lets cool air beneath the cups, protecting them from cracking when they heat up with hot drinks.

Image credits: IKEA

6. The hole on the handle of your pans and pots.

Easily hanging your utensils on the kitchen cabinet is not the only use of the holes on their handles. Their hidden purpose is helping you hold the spoons while cooking. This way, you avoid getting everything covered in bolognese sauce.

Image credits: Best Life

7. The ridges on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys on the computer keyboard.

Although they are not that easy to notice, these tiny bumps have a significant role in the way you’re typing. They help you type effortlessly without looking at the keyboard itself, by stimulating the muscle memory in your index fingers.

Image credits: Reader’s Digest

8. The hole in the cap of most pens.

Did you use to nibble on your pen while pretending to listen to your teachers at school? Well, you’re not alone. Luckily, the manufacturers of most pens have thoughtfully put this tiny hole on the caps. It allows air passage to prevent you from chocking on the cap if you accidentally swallow it and it blocks your windpipe. Yes, it’s that important!

Image credits: Trounce / Wikipedia

9. The slot at the end of measuring tape.

This tiny slot on the metal stub on the end of the measuring tape is quite purposeful. It was designed to be hung on a nail for easy measurement, without needing another hand. Besides, if you take a closer look, you would see that the stub has a serrated side, which can be used to mark points without using a pencil.

Image credits: Engrave.in

10. The childproof prescription bottles have a secret hack.

Sometimes, the childproof lids of medicine bottles can be extremely hard to open even for a grown-up. But did you know that some childproof bottles can be easily altered with a simple hack? All you need to do is turn them upside down, and opening them becomes a piece of cake. Just please make sure there are no children around you when you try this hack.

Image credits: Trust Counsel

11. The brushes on the sides of escalators.

No matter how convenient it may seem, these brushes are not put there for you to polish your shoes. They are in fact a significant safety feature. The nylon brushes are a witty mind trick that stops you from stepping too close to the sides of the escalator and getting your clothes stuck.

Image credits: Underbar dk / Wikipedia

12. The hidden function of screwdrivers.

Who doesn’t love a tool that is designed to do more than one thing? Many screwdrivers can be actually slid through a wrench and be used to create more torque. When it comes to dealing with difficult heights and angles, this feature is quite helpful.

Image credits: thetortureneverstops / Reddit

13. The arrow right next to the fuel tank symbol in the gas gauge.

This little arrow is one of the many things created to make our life easier. Yet, not many people know its actual purpose. The arrow next to the fuel tank icon on your gas gauge shows which side of your car your fuel tank is on. It can come in handy, especially when you’re using a rent-a-car service.

Image credits: IGotTheDeadInMyHead / Reddit

14. The weird little wings on an Apple charger.

Some chargers have tiny odd wings on the sides. Their purpose is also pretty handy. They can be flipped up to wind the wire, which helps you keep it tangle-free.

Image credits: @itsJeremiahS / Twitter

15. The microscopic hole next to the keyhole on most locks.

As locks are often used outdoors, designers invented this tiny little hole to help drain water and prevent the lock from rusting. It can also be used to oil the lock’s hinges. How clever is that?!

Image credits: Being Indian

So, how many of these secret purposes did you know? Did you find any of them useful? Let us know in the comment section!

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