11-year-old boy with cancer has been scammed with over $300 for puppy that he never received

An 11-year-old boy has gone through a trauma that most grownups wouldn’t know how to deal with.

Billy Green from West Yorkshire, England battled against cancer since he was 4-years-old, going through radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and even underwent a bone marrow transplant surgery.

When he was 10, his condition returned and he had another bone marrow transplant earlier in 2020.

And what kept him fighting his latest battle was the dream of coming home to a loving pet.

Image credit: Lisa Green / SWNS

Billy was able to put aside £250 ($326) for a deposit on a small one-week-old dachshund pooch but what he did not know was that the baby dog did not actually exist and the shameless thieves had just taken his money.

Billy even bought all kinds of necessities for the puppy he wanted to name Prince, as he wanted it to be “spoiled like one”.

Image credit: Lisa Green / SWNS

He had seen the little dog on a website for pet adoption and thought it was “love at first sight”.

Image credit: Lisa Green / SWNS

The image of going back home to his new friend kept him going through a hospital treatment that took two months to complete.

“I have always wanted a dachshund because they’re so cute – and I’m quite small so I’d be able to take care of him because they’re small too,” he said, the Mirror reported.

“It’s quite dull in the hospital all day so it really lifted my mood to buy him clothes and toys – it helps me get through the treatment.”

Billy understood it was all a big lie after seeing his pooch in a YouTube video and when he tried to get in touch with the seller he got no answer. 

Image credit: Lisa Green / SWNS

A fundraiser has now been opened so Billy can finally get his dream puppy. His mother said she was incredibly grateful to everyone who donated to his JustGiving page.

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