101-year-old mom asks her son to pull over so she can play in the snow

No matter how old we are, we all get a little excited when we see the first snowfall for the year.

It’s a magical moment that fills everyone’s hearts with joy and clarity.

Albina, a lovely 105-year-old lady, is a wonderful example of how age is just a number. One day, in 2015, when she was 101-years-old, she made her son Armand stop the car in the middle of nowhere. She just wanted to play in the snow.

Armand was driving his mother through Lillooet, British Columbia in the heart of the winter season. Albina felt like a little girl again when she saw the beautiful snowfall. Her son captured the heartwarming moment in a video.

Here's proof that if you find pure joy in the simple things you can live a 100 years.

Posted by Armand Foisy on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In the video, you can see the lovely old lady playfully forming a snowball and throwing it just like a kid would do.

You can almost feel the genuine happiness she experiences while playing in the snow. Armand could be heard saying:

“I turned the car around about 3 kilometers from town, but before I could get back on the road, the door flies open and out steps mom. When you have a mother that’s 101 years old, it’s a good thing to keep the camera nearby for those special moments.”

When he first shared the video in 2015, he posted it with the touching caption: “Here’s proof that if you find pure joy in the simple things you can live a 100 years.” Since then, it has received over 10 million views and 50 thousand positive reactions.

Now Albina is 105-years-old, but her spirit stays forever young.

This sweet old lady with a heart of a young girl reminds us all that we need to appreciate these little magical moments in life.

The truth is, it’s the little things in life that matter the most. So, make sure you enjoy every single moment of pure bliss while you still can.

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