10-Year-Old Girl Survives After Family Watches Her “Go Up In Flames” At Pool Party

Her dad said, “We want her to make a full recovery and have her be the normal perfect child she is.”

An Arizona family was left in shock and despair at a pool party after their 10-year-old daughter Isla ended up in hospital with heavy burns covering 45% of her body.

Earlier in June, the family gathered together for the pool party, where a propane tank was used to power the grill. At one point, the leaking tank caught fire and left the child with severe burns, according to reports.

Image: alsters/Instagram

A GoFundMe page set up to raise funds for Isla’s recovery said:

“Isla ended up receiving the brunt of the ten-foot flames. Isla has second and third-degree burns covering 46 percent of her body. She was rushed to the hospital and then transferred to a Burn Unit Hospital in Phoenix Arizona.”

Image: GoFundMe

When Isla’s mom, Alyssa Cook, talked about the horrific incident, she said:

“Life can change fast.”

Isla’s dad, Justin said:

“It’s tragic, an absolute tragic situation, and watching my daughter go up in flames, it’s the hardest thing I ever had to do.”

Image: GoFundMe

Even though Isla’s recovery is in her beginning stages, her family hopes she will soon be the happy and energetic child she was prior to the accident.

After two surgeries, the child is still being monitored at the hospital and it might be a few more months before she is able to return to her loved ones.

“I want her out of pain,” the loving mother said. “We want her to make a full recovery and have her be the normal perfect child she is,” Isla’s father added.

Isla is the oldest of five kids and, according to her mother, she is incredibly helpful when it comes to caring for her 1-year-old twin siblings.

“She is always thinking of others and is often finding ways to do acts of service for her family and friends. She is so much fun and has a bold, playful personality,” the GoFundMe reads. “She loves to bake all kinds of yummy treats and loves to sing and play the piano.”

Image: GoFundMe

The family believes Isla’s training in gymnastics could help shorten her recovery time. 

“She’s a fighter. We are really thankful she has been doing gymnastics for years to be strong and push through things,” Alyssa said.

Thankfully, Isla is getting better, according to an update shared on the GoFundMe page. 

“They are hopeful all her skin will heal without the need of skin grafts. The doctor said that with this amount of burn coverage everything is going to be very painful, but Isla could be out of the hospital sooner than anticipated,” the update read.

Image: alsters/Instagram

Thus far, the campaign has raised more than $115,000 out of the $200,000 goal. 

Katelyn Williams, who organized the fundraiser, said the family is extremely grateful for the donations and added:

“This was exactly what we’ve been collectively praying for. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for all of you.”

If you wish to donate, please click here.

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