10 warning signs your partner doesn’t respect you

Someone once said that respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.

When you are in a romantic bond, you should be cherishing your significant other and love them with all of their flaws and imperfections. You should be considerate of their boundaries and allow them to be vulnerable around you. You should be the biggest element in their support system. And they should do the same for you.

When a relationship lacks respect, everything else falls apart.

Here are 10 traits revealing your partner disrespects you:

1. Dishonoring your boundaries.

For romantic relationships to grow wholesome, you must establish boundaries and uphold them no matter what. If your partner is violating your limits or crossing the line far too often while disregarding your feelings, then they have probably lost respect for you. Or, maybe, they never had it in the first place.

2. Ignoring you when making big decisions.

Being in a couple means being together as a whole. You may be two entirely different individuals, but the moves you make, especially the big ones, affect both of you. However, if your loved one fails to take your opinion into consideration when it comes to making big decisions, they obviously don’t see you in the bigger picture.

3. Interrupting you all the time. 

In heated arguments partners often talk over one another. But if your significant other interrupts you constantly and doesn’t even let you finish a single sentence, they might consider your views as irrelevant. Similar to ignoring you when making significant decisions, if your spouse talks over you all the time, they are clearly indifferent to your opinion.

4. Undermining your accomplishments.

When in love, you should be devoted to the other person and be their biggest supporter. Whenever they overcome a challenge or accomplish something they have worked hard to achieve, you should be happy for them and encourage them to move forward. If your partner doesn’t even congratulate you for your success, are they truly devoted to you and your relationship?

5. Not listening to you.

Good communication is the foundation of every romantic and non-romantic connection. Understanding one another and being compassionate with each other is crucial for sustaining a healthy bond. Being able to actively listen to your partner is a massive part of communication. If that’s missing in your relationship, and you constantly have to repeat something you have already asked them for a million times, maybe they don’t respect you enough to listen.

6. Making little to no time for you. 

If your partner is always busy and never finds time for you, but somehow finds time to meet up with their pals every now and then, that’s a massive red flag for their genuine feelings for you. People make time for what truly matters and make excuses when they don’t want to do something. So, next time your beloved says they are too busy, try reading between the lines.

7. Withholding information or lying to you

Catching your significant other accidentally confess something they never told you about is definitely a warning sign about their truthfulness. What’s more, it indicates they may have lied to you as well, which should be unacceptable even if it was something small. If they respected you, they would have never thought of being insincere with you.

8. Behaving obnoxious on social media.

Since social media has become a massive part of our lives, it’s understandable that it often takes a toll on romantic relationships. Noticing your partner liking and commenting on their ex’s pictures or late-night texting with other people should tell you they are probably keeping their options open. Sadly, this usually means their respect for you had gone out the window.

9. Constantly telling you they settled for you. 

Another huge red flag your partner disrespects you shows when they constantly try to make it clear they could find someone better. Telling you they have settled for you and making it sound as if you are holding them back says a lot about how little they think of your worth as an individual.

10. “It’s my way or the highway!”

Does your partner go to extremes to convince you they are always right? Do you often choose to stay silent instead of standing your ground because you fear their reaction? If your answer is yes, then you are in a couple with someone who doesn’t respect your opinion, doesn’t bother making compromises for the sake of your relationship, and disregards your feelings to feed their own egocentric nature.

Did you find any of the abovementioned warning signs relatable? Let us know in the comment section!

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