10 things you will inevitably experience after losing your parents

A part of your heart will always be broken. You will cry a million times, and it will still hurt. The pain will never go away. And that’s when you will finally understand how unpredictable life truly is. One moment you’re holding your mother’s hand, or you’re chatting with your father about his favorite action movie. The next, you realize you will never see them again.

Everything you own and know can fall apart in the matter of a single second. That’s how unforeseeable life can be. Unfortunately, we acknowledge this painful truth only after we lose a loved one. The saddest part is, we never know how much time we have left with the people that bring value and meaning to our days. This one simple thought unveils the fragility of our lives. But oftentimes, when we realize this, it is already too late…

Below are listed 10 things that you will inevitably experience after losing your parents.

1. Nothing will ever be the same.

Sadly, nothing you do will ever be the same. Even in your happiest days, you will feel like something’s missing. Birthdays, holidays, celebrations – it will all seem meaningless without them being there to cheer with you. You will feel their absence when you blow the candles to your birthday cake, and when you’re having a simple family dinner. The empty chair beside the table will always remind you of your tragic loss.

2. You will feel utterly broken and empty.

No matter how many times people try to convince you life is still beautiful and exciting, the pain of losing your parents never fades away. Yes, life is a journey – some days are incredibly wonderful, while some are horribly painful. But the feeling that someone you deeply loved is missing will always be there. It’s inevitable. You will always feel broken and empty after you lose the ones who raised you, who loved you unconditionally, and who did anything possible to give you the life they never had.

3. It will get harder and harder every day.

No, it doesn’t get easier. Losing your parents is a tragedy that only the ones who have experienced it truly understand. Some might say it gets easier with time, but it doesn’t. In fact, it gets even harder. Every single day you miss them more and more. You miss them when you need their advice and when you need a shoulder to cry on. You miss them when there’s no one there to hold your hand through the storm. Their voice, their smile, their laugh, it will all exist only in your memory, and you will deeply miss it.

4. For a while, you won’t be able to physically move.

The moment you realize you’ve lost the ones who gave you life and made you the decent person you are today, you will feel completely paralyzed. You will feel as if your heart was broken into a million pieces and it’s devastatingly impossible to be fixed. For quite some time you won’t be able to move, you won’t speak to anyone, you won’t go out of your room for days. Having to cope with the loss of a parent will hit you in the worst way possible.

5. Eventually, you will realize the pain will never go away.

As time passes, the sadness will only deepen. The grief of losing a parent never really goes away. You just somehow learn to live with it. But learning to live with the pain doesn’t happen overnight. It will take you countless sleepless nights and millions of tears. And then, one day, you will wake up and the tears will no longer be there. But sadly, even when you’ve got no tears left to cry, the pain will remain.

6. You will see that family is truly everything.

Family is the most powerful union in the whole world. It’s the people you can count on, the ones who give you strength, and those who love you no matter what. Unfortunately, we often forget what family is truly about. And when we finally remember, it becomes too late. After you lose a parent, you will inevitably realize that family is everything.

7. You will still get the urge to talk to them.

There will be times when you’ll catch yourself dialing your parents’ numbers without realizing they are long gone. Whenever something exciting happens to you, they will be the first ones you want to share the news with. And whenever life throws another hardship at your face, they will be the first ones you want to seek advice from. But they won’t be there to congratulate you, or to help you cope with your issues.

8. Listening to others complaining about their parents will be agonizing.

Whenever someone complains their parents are being too annoying, or they never do anything right, you will feel deeply outraged. You will immediately feel the need to confront them and tell them they have no right to get annoyed with their parents as they still get to spend time with them.

9. You will envy the ones who still have their parents beside them.

Seeing a father teaching his son to ride a bike will sadden you. Watching a mother holding her little girl’s hand in the park will have you in tears. These endearing moments will only remind you of your tragic loss. They will remind you of all the precious time you could have spent with your parents while they were still alive. And no matter how horrible this thought might be, you will even feel jealous of the ones whose parents are still alive and well.

10. You will finally truly appreciate their unconditional love for you.

Losing a parent is one of the most tragic, agonizing, harrowing pains someone could ever experience. It’s beyond heartbreaking. But it makes you realize that what they say is actually true – you never really appreciate someone until you lose them. It also entirely changes your perspective on life. The loss of a parent helps you see that every single moment counts. It makes you understand that you need to cherish the ones you love while they are still here.

Hopefully, as you’re reading this, both of your parents are still beside you.

This should bring light to the way you should treat them. You need to learn how to appreciate every single moment you get to spend with them until it’s too late. Sadly, we never really know when it will be too late.

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