10 things most guys do when they are alone but prefer women not to know about

Women may think they know everything, but there are certain things guys keep them unaware of. Do you know what’s your boyfriend doing when you’re not around?

Well, here’s a list of 10 things men don’t want you to know they do when they’re alone.

Let’s see how many of these would surprise you!

1. Walk around in their birthday suits.

Believe it or not, a lot of men are self-conscious when it comes to their bodies. Even when they are in a long-term relationship with a person they deeply love, they rarely feel comfortable enough to fully expose themselves. But it’s quite the opposite when they’re alone. When there’s no one around, guys like to let it all hang out and do their regular daily chores naked just for the fun of it.

2. Spend too many hours playing video games.

It’s not a secret that the men of the 21st century love playing video games. However, they often hide exactly how many hours a day they spend gaming. Oftentimes ‘just one game’ turns into a whole marathon of killing virtual enemies. No matter how old a man is, in most cases, they all still feel like that excited 12-year-old boy that just got his first PlayStation.

3. Stalk their exes.

Admit it, we all do it. It’s almost unexplainable, but most of us still want to know how our exes are doing, and are they with someone better than us. Men make no exception. However, they don’t check up on their exes’ social media accounts to make you jealous. They do it simply out of curiosity. If only they knew what ‘curiosity killed the cat’ means…

4. Eat the unhealthiest food they can find.

Guys love eating greasy fast food almost as much as they love their mothers’ cooking. When they’re not around their ladies, their food choices get quite questionable and even a little weird. No rules and recipes are allowed, just the joy of eating whatever they want without being anxious that someone might judge their meal preferences.

5. Spend way too much time in the bathroom.

When it comes to bathroom time, men like to take as much as they can. Rushing things is not something they like, especially when no one’s around to pressure them. And if they have also taken their phones in there, you can expect them to go out in three to five working days.

6. Play with your shampoos and conditioners.

Women’s cosmetics usually have heavenly scents, and guys love that. So if your partner goes out of the shower smelling like your new shampoo, you shouldn’t be surprised. He loves the way you smell, so he probably got curious and wanted to try it out.

7. Watch porn.

For some, this might be obvious, but there are still women who cannot accept that their partners enjoy watching porn in their free time. Well, they do. However, it doesn’t mean that they are all perverts or have something kinky in mind. Sometimes, they watch adult videos just because they miss their special lady. But even when that’s the reason, they still prefer to keep it to themselves.

8. Act like Fix-it Felix Jr.

If a man is alone at home, having nothing to do, being bored to the core, he would most likely look for things that need to be fixed. And when he doesn’t find any, he would start fixing things that don’t need to be repaired at all.

9. Talk to their mothers about their partners.

No matter how disturbing this may sound, men like to share details of their relationships with their moms. Sometimes they do it because they need a piece of advice. Other times, they simply want to whine to someone who wouldn’t judge them for coming home too late last night. So, don’t be shocked if your boyfriend’s mom or your mother in law knows about the most recent fight you had.

10. Cry their eyes out.

Men cry too. They have feelings and emotions they often have no idea how to handle. They get sad and anxious over circumstances they cannot control. And if no one is around while they’re having an emotional breakdown, they just let the tears fall. Perhaps you haven’t seen your significant other cry, but it’s only because he doesn’t want to appear weak.

How many of these stuff men do while no one’s watching did you know about? Let us know in the comment section!

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