10 things I wish I could say to my ex-best friend

Almost anyone in this world has gone through the loss of a best friend.

The reasons for losing friends vary from preposterous misunderstandings to taking completely different life paths. Time and distance can also damage a good friendship. Sometimes, it’s as heartbreaking as parting ways with a loved one.

However, losing your best friend, the one you made plans for the future with, the one you thought would be by your side until the end of times, can be truly painful. Oftentimes, as we withdraw from one another, we leave many things unsaid.

Below are listed 10 things we wish our ex-best friends to know.

1. Sometimes I still think about you.

I may no longer follow you on Instagram, but I still think about you. Remember that café we used to love hanging out in? Every time I walk past it, I remember the sweet moments we spent there. Sure, it doesn’t happen every day. I have my life and you have yours now. But sometimes, I still wonder how you’re doing.

2. You hurt me.

We used to be inseparable, but now I have no idea what’s going on in your life. You left so suddenly. You just walked away without looking back. In fact, you didn’t even think of giving this friendship another chance. This deeply hurt my feelings. After all the things we’ve been through together, I thought I deserve at least an explanation. But I guess I’m not getting any.

3. I don’t regret losing you as a friend.

The truth is, only the real ones stay until the end. Only the ones who truly care about you and want to grow with you are going to be there for you through thick and thin. And when you chose to leave the moment things got difficult, you showed me what our friendship actually meant to you. So, I don’t regret losing you. Still, I want you to know, that what we had was wonderful from the beginning till the end, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

4. I wonder where you are in life.

Sometimes, I find myself wondering how’s your life going. I wonder what choices you made and where did they get you. Did you go on that trip to France? Were you admitted to the university you wanted to apply to? Did you end up with that person you were in love with back in the days? Although we may never meet again, I still wish for you to have the life you’ve always dreamed of.

5. Your secrets are safe with me…

…and I know mine are safe with you. Even though we parted ways, I still believe what we had was too special to be corrupted. Indeed, there are people who snitch on their ex-friends, but I think we are better than that. So, don’t worry, I will keep your secrets just as I promised back when we were friends.

6. The thought of reaching out has crossed my mind.

Although we no longer follow each other on social media, I still have your number saved in my phone. Sometimes I’m even tempted to press that ‘Add friend’ button. But the thought of you not even bothering to do the same stops me. I may miss the days we were friends, but I’m too proud and a little too hurt to be the first to reach out. Besides, having a small talk with someone you once shared everything with just doesn’t feel right.

7. I still miss you.

To be honest, I still get sad sometimes. Once in a while, when a long-forgotten memory hits me, I find myself thinking what it would be like if we were still friends. I even scroll through our old photos and think of the times we couldn’t get enough of each other. This makes my eyes water, but it also makes me smile. We’ve spent some pretty awesome moments together, haven’t we?

8. I hope you miss me too.

I still believe our bond was wholesome and meaningful, even though it ended so suddenly. So yes, I hope you miss me as much as I miss you. I hope I was an important part of your life, just as you were in mine. And I hope our old photos make you smile too. Our lost friendship deserves at least that much.

9. I still remember your birthday.

Of course, I remember your birthday. How could I forget? It used to be one of the most important days of the year for me. Now it’s not even a Facebook notification, but this doesn’t mean I don’t wish you well on your special day.

10. I hope you’re happy where you are.

I really do wish you well. And I hope your growth is as flourishing as you imagined it to be. I hope you still have the courage to chase your goals, and the faith in yourself to never stop dreaming. We may not be friends now, but we will never be enemies.

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