You can now buy a Hanging Egg Chair for your Cat

Cat lovers, listen up! There is a brand new hanging egg chair your furry sweethearts are going to absolutely adore!

By providing your pet with comfort, you are also giving them love and warmth. You are letting them know how much they mean to you. Even if they are not able to speak, they sure do understand the language of affection.

If you are wondering how to tell your cat you love her or him, and you have a little extra cash, you might consider purchasing the brand new Aldi Hanging Egg Chair made especially for felines. The new item from the company’s Eco Pet range costs only £34.99($49.47) and will be available to pre-order online on May 23 and in-store from May 30, LADbible notes.

Credits: Aldi

As demands for modern pet furnishing have been on the rise in the UK and beyond, people are more and more excited about granting their four-legged friends the comfort they deserve. Thankfully, we now have Aldi’s new eco-friendly line made entirely of recycled materials.

The Hanging Egg Chair’s pet edition is handwoven, made from natural wicker, and supported by a strong metal frame to keep your cat safe and cozy. It comes with a comfy removable cushion, making it incredibly easy to clean.

Credits: Aldi

But wait, there is more! The company also has a Sun Shade Dog Bed for all the dog lovers out there who want the best for their furry best friends. You can get it for just £19.99($28.26).

Are you a cat or a dog lover? Would you buy a hanging egg chair for your feline? Leave a comment to let us know!

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