You attract toxic people because you are toxic inside

Have you ever wondered why you attract toxic people into your life?

Could it be because you have toxic traits yourself?

We often blame our personal misfortune on the actions of the ones around us. Meanwhile, we fail to realize that the problem might be hiding within us. It could be because we have spent far too much time putting up with others’ toxicity, or it could be because we have certain bad habits we don’t even know about. But whether you are aware of your negative patterns or not, they could be the reason why you constantly attract indecent people who drain your energy and take advantage of your kindness.

Here are 6 signs you draw the attention of toxic people through your own toxicity:

1. You take everything personally

Sometimes you just have to let things be and look for the humor in the situation. However, you don’t really understand the concept of that, so you tend to take things way too personally. This makes you feel as if everyone is upon you. In your mind, it is you against the world. What you don’t see is that this way, you distance yourself from everyone else and risk losing genuine connections.

2. You focus on the negative side of life. 

This is one of the most toxic things you could ever do to yourself and the ones around you. While the world is filled with bad guys creating unjust situations, it is also a home of kind souls who believe that the good always wins. If you only focus on the negative, you might miss out on pursuing amazing opportunities and surrounding yourself with wonderful people.

3. You are never happy. 

Even if you get everything you want, it will never be good enough. You somehow find a way to see the disadvantages in every little thing around you, which makes you bitter inside. Therefore, you can never be pleased with what you have because you are always on the lookout for problems. And if there aren’t any, you create them, simply because you cannot believe that some things are perfect the way they are.

4. You enjoy drama. 

Other people’s suffering seems to entertain you. Gossiping about others is one of your favorite hobbies. You are always hungry for more spicy details about the lives of the ones around you. This speaks a lot about your personality. It implies that you don’t find excitement in your own life, so you seek the thrill somewhere else.

5. You are jealous of your friends’ happiness.

Instead of being glad that your friends are following their dreams and it pays off, you envy their success. You feel miserable that someone else gets to have the life they always wanted. And while they get to enjoy their prosperity, you are stuck in one place, not being able to appreciate what you actually have.

6. You live in the past. 

You have been through a lot. But everything is in the past. It is time for you to move on and allow yourself to focus on the future you deserve. This will never happen if you constantly dwell on the past and refuse to let go of things and people that are not even a part of your present life.

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