Woman Shocked To Discover She’s Pregnant Despite Still Being A Virgin

“It was impossible!” – A woman got pregnant despite being a virgin. 

  • Nicole Moore got pregnant at 20, in spite of the fact she had never had penetrative intercourse.
  • Doctors didn’t believe the young mom-to-be until she was diagnosed with vaginismus in the fourth month of her pregnancy.
  • Nicole is now the proud mother of her baby girl Tilly – her “little miracle.”
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Nicole Moore, a young mother-of-one, was utterly shocked when she learned she was expecting a baby despite still being a virgin. When she was 20-years-old, she found out she was going to be a mother, even though she had never had penetrative sex due to a medical condition she had.

As LADbible reports, Nicole had vaginismus – a condition causing the vaginal walls to constrict involuntarily. Things like sex were off the table, as it felt extremely painful for the young woman.

Moore shares that she and her boyfriend tried to get intimate, but it was “impossible.” She said:

“We tried, but it was impossible. I didn’t understand why it couldn’t happen. But doctors told me I was fine, so I just believed for a while that there was something wrong with me.”

Eventually, the couple found other ways to experience sexual closeness. However, they had no idea this could lead to Nicole getting pregnant.

The mom-of-one explained:

“One day at work, I started getting terrible heartburn and sore breasts. My boss at the time, who was a close friend and knew about my situation, said she thought I could be pregnant. I laughed and said there was no way, as I was still a virgin and never had penetrative sex.”

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Nicole’s boss told her that getting pregnant is still possible if there had been any fluids near her private parts.

Later that day, the then-20-year-old did a pregnancy test, and, to her surprise, it turned out to be positive. But instead of being happy that she was about to have a child, she felt terrified at the thought of giving birth with her condition.

The only thought that circulated her mind was: “How on earth am I going to deliver this baby if I couldn’t even have intercourse?” Nicole was also concerned that her boyfriend might suspect her of being unfaithful to him.  She shared:

“I was worried my partner would think I’d cheated on him, as it seemed so impossible. But thankfully, he knew me and my body, and he didn’t doubt me for a second.”

Convincing doctors she got pregnant while still being a virgin was quite challenging for the young mother-to-be.

When Nicole tried to explain her situation to the medic, she doubted her words. She described:

“I tried explaining to her that I still hadn’t had sex, and she said to me, ‘Don’t be ridiculous, of course you have.'”

What’s even more confusing about the mother’s situation is that she was not diagnosed with vaginismus until the fourth month of her pregnancy. She eventually lost her virginity a month later.

Luckily, Nicole’s therapist was able to help her give birth to her beautiful baby girl Tilly without any complications.

Credits: Caters

Although Nicole and Tilly’s father are no longer a couple, she shares he is a truly supportive dad.

“Tilly is definitely my little miracle. We’ve got the best life together, and having her was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

As of her condition, the now-28-year-old mom-of-one said:

“I still suffer with vaginismus, but I now know how to deal with it, and it definitely isn’t as bad. I still can’t do certain things, like insert a tampon, but I feel very fortunate that I am now able to have a normal sex life.”

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