Woman Hailed For Taking Action Against A Man Who “Harassed” Her At The Gym

A woman recorded the moment she took a stand against a man who she says had been harassing her for weeks. 

TikToker Chelsie Gleason was recording her exercise session when a man approached her, before starting to walk off. His words cannot be heard due to the noise in the gym but upon turning around, he points in her direction.

As he gets near Chelsie – who is trying to ignore him – she swiftly moves away and shouts:

“Don’t come near me.”


being a female is fun(:

♬ original sound – Chelsie Gleason

This reaction startles the man and he quickly walks away from her.

Chelsea has amassed more than 35 million views on her video and many people supported her reaction. 

One person commented:

“Yes! Always be loud and call attention! I’m so sorry you had to deal with that.”

Another wrote:


A third said:

“Ladies: Don’t ever be afraid to be loud and cause a scene if a man is making you uncomfortable.”

Yet another commented:

“The fact that you gracefully ignored him and he still had the audacity to get THAT close to you KNOWING you weren’t interested.”

In a follow-up video, Chelsea revealed more details about the man, saying he was since banned from the gym, which she was thankful for. 

She said:

“When I first had an interaction with this guy, he was, he seemed like just a random nice guy that would come up and talk to people in the gym.

“After weeks and weeks and weeks of weeks of this happening, you know, it started getting a little weird. Like, why is he approaching me, I’ve already told him, you know, leave me alone. I don’t really need your help. I don’t really want your advice. I’m not asking you for anything. Just kind of leave me alone.

“So me and my friends started noticing his weird behaviour, he would go up to random people and talk about weird conspiracy stuff, you know, black vans following him, you know, people’s personalities being changed.”

Speaking about the moment he approached her, she went on: “When he turned around, he called me a f*****g traitor, which, you know, he’s called me before, so I didn’t think anything of it, honestly, at that point.

“Staff is well aware, we’re all watching him. We’re not really doing too much, because he’s just, it’s all verbal. And it’s nothing threatening, really, until about a couple weeks ago.

“So a couple of weeks ago, we had a really horrible interaction with him. I was with some of my girlfriends working out and he came up to us and I was just like, dude, just f**k off. Leave us alone. We don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to talk to you. I’ve told you before just f**k off.

“And he called me crazy, called me a b***h, literally got all defensive. He would follow me around areas of the gym, just make weird comments to me harass me, and a lot of my gym brothers, they would have my back, they made sure that I got to my car safely.”


Heres the long awaited story time! Again thank you @crunchfitness for all the help ! #fitness #fitnessgirls

♬ original sound – Chelsie Gleason

In a second follow-up video, she went on to say:

“Everybody who goes [to the gym] at the time I go is pretty close. So I had a lot of gym bros walk me up to my car, I’m really comfortable with them.

“The night time staff, I’m pretty cool with you know, they’ll walk me to my car if nobody else can, and make sure I get there safely and make sure I’m okay.

“Finally, after this video blew up, we got his name, we got ahold of him. He’s banned. He can’t come back.

“When I got to the gym last night, they informed me that he tried to come back and the police were called and he was arrested. And they found he already had a warrant out for stalking another girl.

“So but there you go, that’s pretty much it. He’s in jail. Now he’s kicked out. He’s banned, everybody safe.”


Also was not trying to bash the gym at all by making the post just Spreading Awareness!! #besafe #gymgirls #fitness

♬ original sound – Chelsie Gleason

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