Woman Digs Herself Out Of Grave After Being ‘buried alive’

A Ukrainian woman dug herself out of a grave after she was reportedly tortured and afterward buried alive by her neighbors who were drunk.

57-year-old Nina Rudchenko from Maryanske was assaulted by two brothers aged 27 and 30.

The brothers dragged Nina to a local cemetery and made her dig her own grave, which they then buried her in.

When the brothers thought she had died, they left and that’s when Nina escaped from the hole she was in. She was then brought to a hospital with a concussion and a broken nose and jaw.

Nina Rudchenko. Image source: Mirror.co.uk

According to police, the two brothers will be facing up to 10 years in jail for attempted murder. 

Reports have revealed that Nina was home alone when the two men broke into her house.

Reportedly, the brothers did not even say anything to the woman before they started punching her in the face and beating her up with a baseball bat.

Later on, they tortured her for about two hours before she passed out, according to reports.

During the night, the criminals took her body to a nearby cemetery and began pouring water on her face.

Nina Rudchenko’s house the brothers broke into. Image source: Mirror.co.uk

After she came back to her senses, the brothers made her dig her own grave and lie inside. 

Nina recalled the terrifying night in an interview with local media:

“I lay in the grave face down and they began to bury me.

I covered my face with hands trying to reserve some air. They were laughing and talking about plans to kill all my family.

After they finished, they wondered if I had already died then went away.” 

Nina Ruchenko was forced to lie in a grave she later dug herself out of. Image source: Mirror.co.uk

Once the brothers left the cemetery, Nina was able to dig herself out of the grave. 

She was barely able to get home and eventually lost consciousness again.

The next day, Nina’s sister, Ludmila, found her lying on the floor at her house.

Her sister said:

“Nina’s face was covered with bruises and blood. It was black and swollen. I barely could recognise her.”

Nina Rudchenko’s attackers being put under arrest. Image source: Blesk.cz

Nina was then taken to hospital and doctors were shocked by her appearance, according to local media. 

According to Oleksandr Klymchuk, a surgeon from the Velykobagachansk District Hospital,

“The woman was diagnosed with brain concussion, [and a] broken jaw and nose.

Her head and body were covered with numerous severe bruises.” 

Authorities have made a criminal case for attempted murder against the two thugs. 

Spokesman Evgen Slipchenko noted:

“The suspects might be also accused of kidnapping. We are now looking into the circumstances.”

The brothers tried to defend themselves when questioned by detectives, saying ‘they were drunk,’ according to reports. 

The investigation is ongoing.

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Source: Mirror

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