Woman, 26, reveals she gets asked if her boyfriend, 42, is her granddad

Normalizing age gap relationships: A couple with a 16-year age gap is thriving on social media despite trolls. 

  • A 26-year-old woman who is dating a 42-year-old man is using social media to normalize age gap relationships. 
  • According to Sinead Warnes, being coupled up with an older man is “so much less stressful” than dating a younger guy. 
  • Despite the hate coming from internet trolls, the couple hopes to spread positive awareness and help others struggling with the same issues. 
Sinead Warnes / TikTok

Sinead Warnes, 26, of Cambridge, and her boyfriend Daniel Long, 42, are on a mission to normalize big age gap relationships. Sinead and Daniel met last year and instantly fell in love. The couple is now proving to everyone in and outside social media that their 16-year gap is no obstacle for their romance.

As Daily Mail reports, the mom-of-two, who is openly sharing details of their relationship online, shares that she is often confronted by trolls asking if her partner is her “dad or granddad” or claiming she is a “gold digger.” But despite the cyber abuse, Sinead insists that dating an older man is “so much less stressful” than being with someone her own age. Talking about her relationship with Daniel, she says:

“I find him very attractive and our personalities click very well together – neither of us cares about the hate that we get on our age gap, if anything we thrive off it because it’s just funny.”

Sinead Warnes / TikTok

Sinead posts sweet videos of herself and her boyfriend on TikTok in a bid to spread positive awareness about age gap relationships. 


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As for the internet trolls, the mom-of-two says:

“It’s more like people are taking time out of their life to put hate into mine, there’s obviously got to be something so good about my life for them to actually waste their time to write these hate comments. A few people have said ‘you must be with him because he’s got loads of money’ but I actually work two jobs so it’s not the case at all.

I think it just makes us stronger because it doesn’t bother us, it makes us laugh. We get so much more support than hate, it’s just funny and it doesn’t bother me one bit.”

The 26-year-old shares she was “a bit wary” about the age gap when she first met Daniel in March 2020.

Sinead explains:

“I was a bit wary at first because of the age gap and then I think we just got on really well, he’s different. I think it was love at first sight. I think he was a lot more worried at first than I was because I’m younger than him but he’s not bothered, we’re literally not bothered about it.”

Sinead Warnes / TikTok

What’s more, she shares that her father fully supports her relationship with an older man.

“My dad said that having an older man, ‘they’ve been there, they’ve done all the partying and going out and they know what they want in their life.’ 

It’s so much less stressful than dating younger men he [just] wants to just settle down, and I’ve always been like that. He’s very grounded and he goes to work every day, a lot of younger men don’t seem to do that.”

The unusual couple draws the attention of many both on social media and in real life. 

The TikToker shares:

“A lot of people stare. I think sometimes maybe they probably think he’s my dad until he holds my hand. He’s very loving. I think he feels like I feel awkward sometimes being out with him and people staring but it doesn’t bother me. There’s been a few comments that say ‘that looks like your dad’, and I just say thanks. 

Nothing really bothers me because I feel like if I react to them to show that they bother me, then it shows the people that I’m doubting our relationship. I’m with him, it doesn’t matter what people think. Their opinions don’t matter to us.”

Sinead Warnes / TikTok

As for her mission to spread positive awareness about age gap relationships, Sinead says:

“It’s more just to show people that it is a normal thing – if you’re over the age of 16 and you’re with an older guy, that’s absolutely fine. It’s more to show support to the other people [in age gap relationships] that don’t like to post about it.

I’ve had people privately message me on my Instagram saying ‘Oh look, I’ve met this guy and he’s a lot older than me. I don’t know what to do. Can you give me some advice?’. I just say ‘If you want to be with them, don’t worry about what anybody says.’

I think it’s just about normalizing it – I should be able to post a video of me with my partner without people saying ‘what’s your age gap?’ because people can see it, but it should be a normal thing.”

Sinead Warnes / TikTok

What do you think about age gap relationships? Do you support Sinead’s mission to normalize them? Leave a comment to let us know!

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