Why meeting the RIGHT person at the WRONG time is heartbreaking

Meeting the right person at the wrong time is one of the most heartbreaking things you could ever experience.

Finding the one whose energy perfectly matches with yours, amid circumstances that don’t allow you to be together, feels utterly agonizing. Letting go of someone who might have been your true soulmate is like losing a part of yourself.

And that sure hurts like hell.

Crossing paths with someone who embodies everything you long for in a significant other, but knowing you can never be anything else but strangers, tears you apart. That’s when you realize how incredibly vital timing is.

Here are 5 things that happen when you meet the right person at the wrong time:

1. You wish you met them a few years ago.

Life has its unique ways to startle you when you least expect it. That’s exactly what happens when you meet the one who might have been your true soulmate at a moment when you are not mentally prepared for a relationship. When that person walks in, your heart instantaneously fills with regret that you haven’t met them earlier, at a moment when their presence would fit perfectly in your world.

2. You are afraid of taking the risk.

At such confusing times, you find yourself in the middle of the battlefield in the heated fight between your mind and your heart. Your mind is telling you that getting closer would be irreversibly dangerous. Your heart is telling you to take the risk and dive deep into the ocean of emotions this person is making you feel. And one petrifying question is tearing you apart:  “Should I play it safe and listen to my mind, or should I follow my heart, regardless of the consequences?”

3. Your past holds you back. 

In the past, you have been heartbroken far too many times. These painful experiences have granted you the curse of trust issues. But the problem is not that you cannot trust the other person. The real problem is that you are unsure whether you can trust your feeling about this person. You don’t know if they are going to be the love of your life or your biggest regret. In a way, you have allowed your past drama to take a toll on your future relationships.

4. You realize that letting go is the only way(or is it?)

When you meet the right person at the wrong time, you eventually realize you must let them go because you are unable to give them the love they deserve. Perhaps, you are at a stage of your life when you can’t even love yourself. This stops you from opening up to someone else until you accept yourself just as you are and forgive yourself for past mistakes that are still holding you back. Only then will you be able to love this person the way they deserve. Sadly, by the time that happens, they will probably be nothing but a distant memory.

5. You regret letting them go. 

Imagine the pain of letting your soulmate go and having to move forward without them. That’s how it feels to let go of the person whose vibes flow in the most perfect synergy with yours. That’s how it feels to say goodbye to the one. And when you do, your heart fills with regret. You regret that you might have just missed your chance at true love.

Timing is truly essential. However, even though it’s hard to accept, meeting someone at the wrong time most probably means they are the wrong person. So, in a way, timing helps you understand what truly matters and teaches you a valuable lesson of patience. This overwhelming mixture of emotions gives you dear memories you will hold for the rest of your life.

Instead of regretting you have lost the one, be grateful that you have met someone who showed you what true love feels like. The next time it crosses your path, you will be prepared to welcome it and embrace it the way it deserves.

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