Why letting go of toxic relationships can be so hard

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a dead-end relationship? Was it extremely difficult to move on?

Unfortunately, most of us have dealt with toxic relationships or still struggle to get out of this living hell.

We don’t settle for this because we enjoy being emotionally damaged. Neither it’s because we don’t believe there is no one who would treat us better. We do it because we feel deeply connected to that one person. It’s like they have power over us, and we cannot do anything about it.

Furthermore, some people stay in suchlike damaging relationships because somehow, they believe they deserve to be treated that way. The person that has been abusing them this whole time has played some nasty mind-games and got in their head.

This toxic person managed to convince them that they are not worthy of being genuinely loved and appreciated.

So, the victims become extremely dependent on the abusers, and escaping from this detrimental situation seems less and less possible.

Besides, it can be awfully difficult to turn your back on someone you thought was your true love. It’s hard to move on from the person you thought is going to be in your life till your very last breath. Once, you were dreaming of growing old together, and now this whole dream has collapsed and is long forgotten. You used to share a deep emotional connection, and now you are afraid to share even how your day went because you might upset them.

A lot of people find themselves staying in toxic relationships for too damn long.

Another reason for this is that they get addicted to their egocentric partners and can’t let go. They can’t imagine their lives without the presence of this person. Sometimes, they even feel like they wouldn’t be able to move on with their lives on their own. This co-dependency they have developed is killing them.

Yet, they still have hope. They still believe that their partner can change. Usually, these deluded people are too kind-hearted to see the evil in their toxic partner’s soul. Everyone has goodness in them, right? But when was the last time you saw this magical goodness?

It’s not worth it to sacrifice your own wellbeing for someone who would never do the same for you. Relationships are about partnership, not ownership.

However, letting go is extremely hard sometimes. After all, this is the person you shared your deepest secrets with. They have seen you at your best, and at your very worst. How can you let this person go? How can you continue living your life without them? Indeed, they have hurt you many times, but you still had some wonderful moments together.

Are those several good moments worth the emotional abuse and the pain this person causes you? The answer is no, and you know it.

You can’t remember the last time you were feeling genuinely happy. You have no friends left because you give all of your time to your toxic partner. Your family never supported this relationship, and you’ve turned your back on them too.

This isn’t the life you deserve. You are capable of so much more.

And if you were lucky enough to never be a part of suchlike relationship, you might not fully understand it’s entity. You might wonder, why would anyone settle for this madness.

Well, to begin with, never judge someone’s behavior, if you’re not aware of the whole picture.

Toxic people posses this evil power to get in their victims’ heads and make them believe and do whatever they please.

So, the one who settles for this, might not even realize they are being emotionally abused. On the other hand, they might be afraid or have too low self-esteem. Maybe they simply don’t have the courage to move on because they have invested too much of themselves to this relationship.

The reasons are countless. No one can leave a situation they are not ready to let go. They need to find the strength to face their victimizer and stand up for themselves. If a friend of yours struggles with suchlike troubles, offer them a helping hand. Don’t force them to do anything they aren’t ready for, but still be there for them. They need you.

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