What to do when your eyes are hurting

Having eye pain or hurting eyes can be a real inconvenience. From having to deal with all the pain to trying to figure out why you are having the pain in the first place, dealing with eye pain is a struggle.

While you stress over your hurting eyes, there are, however, some ways for you to alleviate your struggles and to even cure them. This article shows you some of those ways.

Before you go further into this article, it is advisable that if your eyes have been hurting for quite some time, you should visit a quality hospital like guysandstthomasprivatehealthcare to check what is wrong with your eyes. This is especially important if you notice that you have been squint. A hospital like this will offer you quality eye care, such as squint eye treatment.

Here are some ways to handle hurting eyes:

Do eye flushing

Sometimes, all your eyes need is some good flushing to clean it. Get a good commercial eyewash and flush your eyes. You can also use water if that is what is readily around you.

There are times the reason why your eyes are hurting is that there is a foreign material or a contaminant in your eyes. These contaminants include specs of dust, sand grains or pieces of dirt. When such contaminants get into your eyes, flushing your eyes with an eyewash and sterile water which is at room temperature will remove them and the eye pain will eventually stop. Even using only sterile water at room temperature to washout your eyes will alleviate the eye pain caused by the contaminant.

Wash your eyes for 5 to 60 minutes depending on what the contaminant is can stop the eye pain or hurt you are experiencing.

Try out eye drops

You can walk into a pharmacy and get an over the counter eye drop for yourself. These eye drops are made to eliminate redness and itchiness and to relieve the dryness of your eyes. They do this by acting as a replacement for the tear film layer. Thus, they help keep the eyes moist by making the tears spread evenly on your eyes’ surface.

An example of an over the counter eye drop you can purchase is artificial teardrops. There are different brands of artificial teardrops you can purchase. You could use trial and error to find out which works for you or you could consult your doctor to discover which brands are useful to help relieve the dryness that is causing your eye pain. They typically come with instructions, so follow the instructions on how to use them.

Allow your eyes to rest

Sometimes, all your eyes need to stop hurting is some good rest. Give your eyes the break they need by limiting the way you expose them to large amounts of light. Sit in a dark room for a while or cover your eyes with a sleeping eye mask. If you stay away from light for up to an hour or two, it will decrease the pain caused by constant exposure to light.

The eyes are important parts of our bodies and should be taken care of. Do not leave anything concerning your eyes to chance. Use these methods as quick fixes for your issues and do not forget to see a doctor if the pain persists or if you are getting more symptoms beyond hurting eyes.

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