What happens in an introvert’s mind when they go quiet

What happens in an introvert’s soul when they go quiet?

Where does their mind wander while they don’t say a single word? Are they angry, frustrated, and afraid to speak up, or are they genuinely enjoying the silence?

Many people, who don’t really understand the nature of introverts, assume that they avoid talking just because they are shy. These ignorant individuals often put a label on their introverted friends. They carelessly consider that they are too afraid to talk about their emotions and open up to others. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even when an introvert is quiet, there are still hundreds of tiny processes going on in their minds.

Their brains are still actively working on observing and analyzing everything that happens in their orbit. Depending on the situation, there are different thoughts rushing through their heads, even though they choose to be silent.

For instance, when an introvert is quiet at work, they are most probably struggling to form meaningful bonds with their colleagues. As you may already know, suchlike people are not fans of small talk, which makes it a bit challenging for them to make friends at their workplace. The concept of having to discuss the weather with someone whose personality they can’t click with is definitely not something they enjoy.

However, introverts never let their annoyance of small talk stand in their way of doing the most. They may be quiet, but they always use this time efficiently. While they sit calmly, without saying a word, they examine, study, evaluate, question, and search for solutions that will increase their productivity and improve their working experience. Their coworkers may find this approach odd, but it often proves to be quite beneficial. Because when they finally speak up, they come up with the best resolutions that turn out to be profitable for the whole company.

Although introverts prefer to be silent most of the time, their acute instincts never stop working. 

When it comes to making new friends, things are a bit more complicated than usual. It’s not that introverts prefer to be alone – they simply need more time to open up to someone. And this someone must be very special to win their trust. But once they get close to someone, the modesty fades, and they become much more approachable than usual.

It is important to note that introverts are incredibly sharp when it comes to analyzing people. While they silently observe others, they gather all the information they need about someone regarding whether this person is worth their company or not. Besides, introverts are great listeners. In only a few minutes, they can tell who is who in a group of friends. They can see who is the leader, who is the follower, who is afraid to share their ideas because the others might laugh, who is the key person that holds the group together.

They notice every little detail – from fake smiles and mean eyerolls to the pure kindness that makes a friendship fulfilled. You don’t need to be an introvert yourself to have an introverted friend, but you do need to be able to get how their minds work if you want to form a real connection with them.

So when an introvert chooses to be quiet, they are actually doing so much more than you can see.

Stop automatically assuming that the person who is often silent behaves like this because they are shy or hesitant to express themselves. Instead, have in mind that they might be observing and analyzing the situation in detail. Not everyone who stays quiet is afraid to speak out. Some find beauty in silence. They prefer not to waste their words on things and people that bring no value to their life. 

And others simply want to be left alone every once in a while. So they become quiet, hoping that those around them will get the message. 

Whatever the reason, stop asking introverts why are they so quiet, are they angry, is there anything wrong. There isn’t anything wrong with them. They are just the way they are, and that’s beautiful. So just let them be.

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