What Are the Best Innovations in Modern Business History?

Businesses which have managed to break the mold and identify a new thing that society needs have found always success. Innovation is the cornerstone of progression in every industry, and great thinkers who have come up with genius ideas have had their names etched in the history books.

Many people are hungry to think of the next big innovation. Indeed, it is a top priority for the majority of business leaders. The problem is, it’s not always easy to decide on the best approach. This is where companies like Qmarkets come in. They help with innovation management by identifying the most valuable ideas for the corporation. The aim is to cut down on guesswork and make use of detailed methodology which has been constantly refined since the 1930s.

While tools like this can be a great assistance, it is also wise for business owners to look back at history and see how others changed the world. There are some amazing inventions and innovations to look back on, but it may be more relevant to stick to modern history to help generate ideas which could be more world-changing.

The mobile phone is one of the most important innovations in the last 50 years, as it has led to the creation of one of the most thriving industries in the world. The smartphone gaming market alone is now worth more than $70 billion. The first-ever mobile phone was invented by Motorola in 1973 and weighed 2 kilograms. It wasn’t until 1979, though, that the original automated cellular network started in Japan. The mobile phone was an innovation because the concept of phones had already existed for some time. It was the idea to make them portable rather than stationary which was a genius move.

The internet is one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind, and the existence of it has helped lead to numerous other incredible innovations as well. One of the most important ones was the email, which was a new and more efficient way of sending mail. The concept was actually conceived prior to the internet in the 1970s, but rose to worldwide fame after 1995. There are now around 270 billion emails sent each day, and it is recognized as the main form of correspondence by businesses worldwide.

Ray Tomlinson’s invention brought about the idea of instant messaging, which has been a revelation in the internet era. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the two most famous offerings now, but the original innovators were PowWow, ICQ, and AOL Messenger in the mid-1990s. These were available on the computer and paved the way for the smartphone apps we know today.

Innovations in the technological era have often taken something people know and are used to and made it better. Minor tweaks to the way people do things have brought about major changes in the general progression of technology. If you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos, two of the greatest innovators of our time, don’t ignore it if you have a Eureka moment. A good idea now could turn into something amazing a few years down the line.

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