11 Ways being raised by narcissists can affect you as an adult

If your parents were narcissists, you may be affected in more than one way in your adulthood without even realizing it. 

In time, this can lead to a number of serious issues.

The aftermath of trauma, for instance, can lead children of narcissistic parents to have a weak sense of self-esteem, never-ending anxiety, insecurities, self-harm, and even thoughts of suicide.

Here are some of the most common struggles those who have been raised by narcissistic parents often face in adulthood:

1. You often find yourself in trouble when it comes to decision-making because your parents always doubted you and never approved of your choices.

2. You always put others before yourself. You are a people pleaser because your parents have made you feel guilty when you put your own needs before theirs.

3. Against your own will, you get uncomfortable when something positive happens to you and you don’t know how to react because your narcissistic parents have always found a way to ruin your special moments with their selfishness.

4. You tend to run away from challenges and conflicts and become anxious when you are faced differing points of view because your parents have pushed you back whenever you dared to disagree with them.

5. You get uncomfortable when you hear your own laugh, you find it hard to relax, and you avoid being spontaneous because your parents’ behavior has always been unpredictable and judgemental.

6. You are never happy with yourself and what you have accomplished because nothing you ever did was enough for your parents.

7. You see yourself as too much of a mess for others to handle and be around because your narcissistic parents have played the martyr card on you during your most important years of development.

8. You often find yourself drawn to drama and disturbance rather than peace and harmony because your folks were always creating turmoil in your family.

9. You feel empty and have difficulties in deciding what you truly want out of life because your parents were always condescending and made fun of your needs and feelings.

10. You feel weak and open to exploitation around manipulators and bossy individuals because your parents always dominated the conversations in order to be the center of attention.

11. You engage in reality-escaping activities such as excessive shopping, drinking, over-eating, or other addictions because your narcissistic parents have always made you feel hopeless, helpless, trapped, and unloved.

These coping mechanisms helped you make it through your childhood but are extremely harmful to you as an adult.

You must break free from these chains.

Acknowledging your situation is the first step.

Do not give up! You are not helpless. The power of change is in your hands. You are no longer a victim.

Your past does not have to dictate your future!

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