Watching this dad wrestlе grumpy koala as he saves it from the middle of a busy road will make your day

This grumpy koala tried to wrestle an Aussie dad who was just helping it cross a busy road.

This TikTok video will melt your heart! Eddy Wright, 57, from Queensland, Australia, was filmed by his daughter, Lauren Wright, while helping a cute, yet grumpy koala get out of a Meringandan road.

As Mr. Wright approaches the adorable marsupial, it desperately tries to bite and scratch him, perhaps fearing he might be coming with bad intentions. The pair even engages in a brief stare-off, as Daily Mail notes.


Dad watched as cars over the kress of the hill nearly miss this koala on the middle of the road. He decided to rescue him and put him safe in a tree

♬ original sound – Lozz Wright

Following their charming wrestle, the dad helps the koala climb a tree off the road, and it quickly scurries up. 

Lauren, who filmed the touching video on her phone, commented:

“There’s always farm animals and wildlife getting through fences onto the road around here and dad is always doing stuff like that.”

Credits: Lauren Wright/TikTok

Her dad, who wore leather welding gloves during his encounter with the animal, added:

“Old mate even chewed a hole through one in that video.”

The earthmoving company owner said he picks at least one koala off the road each month.

Mr. Wright believes the marsupials are coming out of the trees on the look for water. He explained:

“That one was lucky because he was sitting on the crest of a road and cars were flying along. We are still in drought up here, we haven’t had our average annual rainfall for four years.”

Even though it was his daughter who uploaded the video, Mr. Wright appears to be getting all the fame, as the video has been viewed over 13M times on TikTok. Lauren, however, is perfectly fine with that:

“He loves the fame. I’m not one for the spotlight, he can have it all.”

One social media user commented: “This is the most Australian thing I have ever seen,” while another said: “Who knew koalas were this mean?”

Furthermore, Lauren posted a follow-up video, revealing what happened after her dad helped the koala climb the tree.


Reply to @heatherhappiness he climbed the tree and resumed living his best life

♬ original sound – Lozz Wright

Mr. Wright now hopes that the viral videos will help improve the reputation of earthmovers. He said:

“Earthmovers get a bad name for knocking trees down and not caring for the environment but we’re a bit different… we have a farm, we run 130 cows and calves. We think you’ve got to look after the environment. Especially koalas, even though they’re not cuddly like people say, they’re an Australian icon.”

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