VIRAL VIDEOS Show Moment People Were Forced To Climb Down From 213 ft Rollercoaster In UK

An incredible moment was captured on video, where people had to climb down from the tallest rollercoaster in the United Kingdom after they got stuck at the top.

A clip shared on social media, recorded by one of the riders who ended up hanging in mid-air, shows a group in one of the stuck cars on ‘The Big One’ at Blackpool Pleasure Beach almost at the top of the 213-foot tall ride.

Image: TheConstructionIndex

The frightening videos show the people stuck at the top, with the car sitting on a steep angle before they are seen carefully going down the stairs while holding on tight to the railings.


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They can also be seen laughing nervously as they make their way down.


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♬ original sound – CJ Byrne

The ride broke down from a suspected mechanical failure, with employees forced to scale the ride so visitors could get back down to the ground, LancsLive reported.

One eye-witness wrote on Twitter:

“At the Pleasure Beach today, doing a tourist-y day, and the Big One has got stuck near the top.
“They’re walking people down it.”

Another person shared:

“OMG. Big one stopped right at top today 12ish and the staff had to walk every one down safely. Well done.
Think I would have been really scared. Then it was sent round the track empty a few times then we walked home bit of excitement. All worked out OK.”


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A third person wrote:

“My brother’s in Blackpool and just sent a video of people stuck at the top of the Big One and having to walk down to get off it.

I’d be welded to my seat. They’d have to get me out with a crane.”


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People on the web also shared their thoughts on the shocking story, with one person saying:

“Can you imagine if I was stuck on The Big One, I think I’d be screaming.”

Another wrote:

“I’d have stayed in my seat until it started going again.”


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A spokesperson from Blackpool Pleasure Beach shared with LADbible:

“At 11.30am on Sunday 25th April a stoppage occurred on the Big One lift hill.

The decision was taken to stop the ride and all riders were safely escorted down the lift hill. The ride was checked and re-opened at approximately 1.00pm.”

When ‘The Big One’ – which is also known as ‘The Pepsi Max’ – first opened back in 1994 it was the tallest and steepest ride in the world at the time.

If you wish to find out which rollercoasters currently hold the top rankings for the tallest rides in the world, please click HERE.

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