VIRAL VIDEO: Woman Tells Story Of How She Had To Breathe Out Of Her Neck For 8 Months

A TikToker has shared her story of having to breathe through her neck for eight months, after undergoing a  tracheoscopy.

Celia-Joy Adamou, 22, from Surrey, UK, shared her experiences of multiple surgeries with fans on social media, and the impacts they have had on her body.

She said that the tracheoscopy involved a breathing tube that was placed through the skin of her neck, instead of her nose, mouth, trachea, or windpipe, and opened up about the effects that the surgery has had on her life.

Celia also showed fans her scars from the procedures and explained how the tube from the throat is connected to a ventilator that “breathes for you”.


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Celia, who goes by the username @scars.and.stuff, went on to say:

“It’s usually given to people who need to be on ventilation for a long period of time, so it’s not practical for them to be ventilated through their nose or their mouth.”


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She also talked about the hardships she faced when it comes to talking as a consequence of the tracheoscopy, saying:

“And we all know how much I love to speak.”

Her post has since been viewed around 90,000 times amassing thousands of likes with users expressing their support in the comments section.


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One person wrote:

“You are awesome.”

Another commented:

“Sometimes it’s placed into baby’s at birth in order to widen their windpipe, doesn’t always require a ventilation tube, just a filter cover [sic].”

A third added:

“A boy at my junior school had that. He used to make milk come out of it at lunch time. He was our hero!”

In another clip, Celia talked about how she was left with a “literal hole in her neck for a year and a half” before doctors closed it during another operation which has left her with a scar that is “pretty much invisible”.


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