Viral Video Shows Woman Throwing Dog Poop At Boy, And Then Takes His Bike…

Perth, Australia: A woman who tried to smear dog poop on a child’s head and took his bike after he built jumps at a park has been widely criticized by the internet.

Footage shared by the boy in question shows a woman chasing him with a plastic bag filled with her pet’s poop after he appeared to use offensive language against her.

“I beg your pardon you little s**t,” the furious woman said in the video, which has gone viral since its posting.

“You dumb f***ing b***h,” the boy replied as he was running away.

Image: TikTok

The boy shared the clip on TikTok, accompanied by an image of the woman he called “Karen” standing next to his bicycle. 

The caption read: “Karen chased me and tried to put dog poo on my head for building jumps at a park – and then tried to take my bike.”

Image: TikTok

Many people took the boy’s side and advised him to call the police. 

One person wrote:

“I’m so sorry this happened. If I was there I would have helped you. You need to show this to your parents and go to the police.”

Another added:

“Call the police and put an assault charge on her.”

Other people thought that there’s more to the story and asked the person who shared the video to upload the full video.

One person commented:

“How about you post the full video and show what happened prior to this so we get the full picture.”

Another said:

“Why did she react this way? Still no excuse but would like to know.”

A third wrote:

“What happened before this video? Still no excuse for her reaction but she’s pissed at something.”

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