Viral video shows woman attempting to steal a whole RACK of Nike pants; getaway driver leaves her as cops chase her through parking lot

Someone filmed a woman stealing a full rack of Nike pants from a store in Illinois before she was left to her fate by her gateway ride and chased by police across the parking lot. 

The stunt went horribly wrong for the thief, who can be seen holding a whole rack of clothes while failing to open the car of her gateway driver.

The woman then starts screaming at the driver to let her in as she bangs on the window.

A little later, the driver just decides to leave her behind and she drops the clothes to run after him.

Then, a cop gets in the action and starts chasing her down the parking lot, eventually arresting her. 

Image: @faxisfax/TikTok

The video was shared by TikToker @faxisfax with the caption “Nice Little Saturday,” who later made a comment saying that the scene unfolded in Edwardsville, Illinois over the weekend.

Image: @faxisfax/TikTok

According to them, the thief had grabbed the clothes from a Hibbit Sports store.

Since it was posted, the video was seen millions of times.

Image: @faxisfax/TikTok

Some people in the comments section criticized the driver for abandoning the woman…

One person wrote:

“They did that on purpose.”

Another commented:

“This was definitely a setup.”

A third commenter added:

“They straight left her I’m mad for her.”

Image: @faxisfax/TikTok

Another person took the driver’s side, saying:

“The driver was completely in the right! Can’t mess all of us up dummy”

Another wrote:

“Happens all the time. Those who work retail know – thieves come in, grab a stack of tshirts and walk out.”

And a third joked:

“Love that it took her a second to realize that it was a cop on her left. Went from yelling to running real quick!”

Check out the original video below.


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