Viral Video: Giant Lizard Storms Supermarket

A giant Asian water monitor scared the life out of local shoppers as he went through a supermarket in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The original video was seen millions of times but was eventually taken down.

The incredible footage, which has since been reshared, shows the big lizard climbing one of the shelves, knocking off items, and causing people to scream in terror.

“The shelves are ruined! Oh my God,” a voice can be heard saying about the monster reptile which, at up to 8-feet long, is the planet’s second largest lizard after the Komodo dragon, as per Everything Reptiles.

The video ends with the lizard relaxing on top of the shelf, while people stare at it in amazement.

Thankfully, despite being huge, water monitors are not a threat to grown-up humans. Instead, their choice of food consists of small animals, carrion, eggs, and more lizzie delicacies, according to the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. However, a dead baby was found partially eaten by such lizards in southern Thailand last year.

People on social media were quick to leave their comical thoughts on the video.

One person wrote:

“Godzilla is real guys.” 

Another commenter described the whole thing as “nightmarish.”

In reference to 7-Eleven’s (the store the lizard entered) motto, a third person wrote:

“Whenever you’re hungry, visit 7-Eleven, huh?”

It remains unclear why the reptile went into the shop, even though some believe it was trying to find shelter from the scorching heat.

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