VIDEO: Couple has a surreal encounter with a group of humpback whales in hypnotic swim

A couple recorded the astonishing encounter they had with a group of humpback whales. 

Credits: David Edgar / SWNS

While David Edgar, 32, and his wife Alice, 33, were diving in the tropical waters of the South Pacific, they stumbled upon a group of three humpback whales. The stunning sea creatures – a mother, her calf, and a male escort, were swimming in the mesmerizing waters off the islands of Tonga.

When the whales realized the coupla has been following them, the curious calf was the first to cut the distance between them. David, a professional underwater photographer from Sydney, Australia, captured the dreamlike encounter on camera.

Credits: David Edgar / SWNS

The video shows the young humpback seemingly dancing with Alice while its mom and her companion patiently wait from a safe distance.

As per Daily Mail, David said:

“These photos were taken off the islands of Tonga, a small country in the South Pacific, where humpback whales gather each winter to mate and give birth. It was one of those amazing days in the South Pacific where the water was perfectly flat and there was hardly a breath of wind. We followed a group of three humpback whales who were swimming slowly around a shallow reef for about an hour.

Credits: David Edgar / SWNS

The underwater photographer added:

“The video captures the moment where a young humpback calf swims toward Alice in a moment of mutual curiosity. The whales are often as curious as us as we are of them, which can make for some really amazing moments underwater.”

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