Very Rare Pink River Dolphin Gives Birth To A Pink Baby Calf

With all the bad news we get in today’s news, especially about animals and climate change, the birth of a nearly extinct pink, river dolphin calf brings so much joy and hope to the world.

This majestic mammal was spotted about 12 years ago by Captain Erik Rue in the Calcasiey river, located in Louisiana.

She since has been named, Pinky. The birth of her calf has become a joyous event for animal biologists and conservationists world wide because, the Inia geoffrensis (scientific name) dolphin was declared endangered in November 2018 by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The pink river dolphin is one of 5 river dolphin species on planet earth, the reason they are so rare is because their pink skin is a result of a rare genetic mutation. They are born grey and as they age their skin turns more translucent allowing the colour of their blood to show which in turn creates the pink shade we see today.

The birth of her calf gives biologists hope that she would have passed on her rare genetic mutation to the baby, which will in turn increase the population of this rare species. 

When questioned about the sighting Captain Rue explained that Pinky is pink from head to tail, has red eyes and her skin has a glossy texture to it.

The Inia geoffrensis dolphin isn’t affected by the sun or its environment and prefers to remain under the water surface more than the other river dolphins.

Captain Rue explains how guests and locals love seeing Pinky and her new calf, since her their first sighting has brought much joy to all those who are lucky enough to see her.

The sighting of Pinky and her calf is probably one of the best stories to have hit the internet in the last month. It not only brings joy to dolphin and animal lovers but hope, to conservationists and biologists around the world because the increase in endangered animals and extinction of other rare animal species has left many people worried about the future of our planet and all her animals.

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