Tyson Fury’s Daughter Was Dead For 3 Minutes As Miracle Workers Saved Her Life

Boxing champion Tyson Fury’s newborn daughter died for 3 minutes after she came into the world but was revived by hospital workers.

Fury and his wife Paris welcomed their sixth child last weekend. Her name is Athena.

The newborn was in a bad condition in the first few hours of her life so she had to be taken into intensive care.

According to Fury’s father John, little Athena was dead for 3 minutes before she was put on a ventilator and medical staff saved her life at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, UK.

“It’s been a bit of a white knuckle ride, we’ve had a lot to deal with,” the baby’s grandfather told BT Sport.

“But we’ve come out on the other side due to professionalism of Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool, they’re the best children’s hospital in the country if not the world.

“They’ve been really magnificent, they’ve really saved her life because she was dead for three minutes and they brought her back, it’s onwards and upwards from today.”

He also said that since Athena was put off the ventilator she was feeling much better.

John praised the “amazing people” thanks to whom his granddaughter is now alive and well.

Fury, 33, announced the birth of Athena on Twitter saying:

“Please can everyone pray for my baby girl who was born this morning”

The family has also raised thousands of pounds “in aid of Alder Hey Family House Trust who run the Ronald McDonald House at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital which has been supporting us.”

“We thought at one stage we were going to lose her,” John went on to say. “But it’s all been good due to the professionalism of the doctors and the surgeons. Whoever works there is an amazing person and we’re so grateful to have them.”

John also expressed pride in his son’s ability to remain calm under pressure.

Tyson Fury is currently preparing for a world heavyweight title match with U.S. challenger Deontay Wilder.

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