Tunnel of love: Man who built secret passageway between his home and married lover’s house is caught by her husband

A married man found himself cornered by his lover’s husband after he escaped their house through an underground tunnel that led straight to his own house.

Mexico is well-known for its web of underground tunnels used by drug lords to smuggle their illegal cargos, but as it turns out they are sometimes also being used for other purposes… And such is the case for Alberto the bricklayer from Villas del Prado, who was having a secret relationship with a married Tijuana woman named Pamela. To keep their affair in the shadows, Alberto used his construction work experience and started working on a tunnel that leads straight to his lover’s house.

And after he succeeded, he and Pamela were able to passionately embrace each other while her husband, Jorge, was at work.

What they did not expect, however, was Jorge having a short day at work and coming home sooner than usual.

And while the two love birds were doing their thing, Jorge came home and caught them in the act. Alberto tried to escape by diving under the bed, straight into the secret tunnel, but Jorge started chasing after him, and eventually found himself at Antonio’s house.

Alberto started begging Jorge to keep silent as his wife was nearby and he did not want her to find out about the dirty secret.

But needless to say, that only put more fuel into the fire and the two found themselves in a brawl. After seeing that an unfamiliar man was beating her husband down, Alberto’s shocked wife immediately called the police. It was then when he realized that he was left with no other choice but to confess to his cheating.

The story quickly went viral on social media and was even covered by Mexican and international media publications. Some even compared Alberto to the infamous drug lord El Chapo.

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