This YouTuber Actually Cooked A Chicken By Slapping The Hell Out Of It

Yes, we know it sounds ridiculous, but through lots of trial and error, this guy on YouTube was able to generate enough heat to cook meat!

As can be seen from Louis Weisz’s video at the end of this article, it took him a lot of effort – two months to be precise – to construct a super-fast custom-made chicken slapper that actually got the job done in the end.

And he was more than happy with the results.

Image: Louis Weisz/YouTube

The most important thing for this crazy mission’s success was keeping the slaps fast and hard enough to heat the meat without causing disintegration as well as minimizing heat loss.

The inspiration for this experiment could have come from a 2019 Reddit thread that originally posed the question of whether converted kinetic energy (movement) into thermal energy (heat) could in fact cook a chicken.

Image: Louis Weisz/YouTube

One physics student shared his knowledge and suggested that it could be done with just one slap – as long as the slap came with a 1665 meters per second or 3725 miles per hour velocity.

But in the end, it was only through the help of a custom-made mechanical rig that Louis was able to get it right.

Using a tip from Modernist Cuisine, he realized that keeping the chicken at around 55-60 degrees Celsius (131-140 degrees Fahrenheit), for at least one hour, would be just right to cook it.

Image: Louis Weisz/YouTube

And after a long period of trial and error, Louis finally made it! His final calculations showed that a minimum of 135,000 slaps are needed for a period of about 8 hours to slap-cook a chicken, using up around 7500 Watt Hours of energy. This is 2-3 times as much as a normal oven would need, Louis estimated.

Image: Louis Weisz/YouTube

The inventive YouTuber was also able to cook a steak using the same technique, and his video has so far amassed nearly 10 million views since its release!

You can check it out by clicking below.

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