This Optical Trick Can Help You See A Color People Have Never Seen Before

The colors of the rainbow are familiar to most of us.

Artistic types can even divide them into their three main groups: primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

However, there some shades that are not occurring naturally very often, and are hard for electronic devices to translate, so they remain unseen by us for the most part.

But thanks to a new optic trick shared on TikTok, people can now see the magnificent green-blue pigment named “true cyan”.

Kate Bacon made a short intro to the color and instructions on how to trick your brain into seeing it.

“I’m gonna show you a colour that you’ve probably never seen before,” she says in her clip.

“It’s called true cyan, and most TVs and monitors aren’t capable of producing this pigment.”

Afterward, she shows a red circle with a white dot in the middle set against a blue backdrop.

She then explains that you need to look at the white dot for at least half a minute – but the longer the better the effect.

And then, if you close your eyes tightly, you should be able to see a “glowing orb” in the true cyan color.


You’ve probably never seen this color before… #womeninstem #voiceacting #science

♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

Funnily, people have noticed that it isn’t possible to look at the white dot for 30 seconds because the clip only lasts 10, but hitting pause should fix that problem.

The video starts with the viewer being instructed to stare at the white dot in the middle of the red circle as the camera slowly pans out.

Near the end of the two minutes, people should be able to see the color appear like a halo around the red. 

“Now I’m seeing that damn cyan circle everywhere I look,” one commenter wrote.

Another noticed:

“Wow. But now there is a cyan circle that follows my eyes everywhere I go WORTH IT !!!!!”

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