This Man Tried To Humanely Release A Mouse Back Into Wilderness And It Backfired Horrifically

Minneapolis, Minnesota: After he caught a mouse with a humane mousetrap, John Hayden, decided to let the little creature free while recording its release into the wild.

The first moments when John kindly releases the mouse can be described as touching, with the tiny critter rushing out, and doing what looks like a celebratory lap. What happened next, however, was more than horrific.

Just as John wished the mouse farewell, as it went out, a large vicious bird appeared out of nowhere.

It flew down and struck the mouse with incredible precision.

The mouse attempted an escape but it was helpless against the predatory bird. 

In the video that has since gone viral, a shocked John can be heard saying ‘Oh God”, as his little friend’s freedom is taken away with the speed and deadliness of a bullet.

To make matters worse, the terrible incident happened only moments after John told his six-year-old boy that they could not keep the mouse at their home because it would be ‘happier outside’.

When he went back to his house, John reportedly found his son crying. He said that he would ‘kill all the birds,’ referring to the killer bird as a ‘dumbass bird.’

John can be heard wishing goodbye to the mouse, calling it “buddy” and saying how much happier it would be in the wild. But when the bird comes in charging, he says:

“Oh God.”

He consequently tells his son that their little friend would be happier in the wild and hence they would not keep it as a pet. Well… who knew that would prove to be untrue?

The video has been liked more than 200,000 times on Twitter, and many people thought it was hilarious.

Here’s how some of them reacted:

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