This is what scares each introverted Myers-Briggs type the most

We all have different fears. 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) might be able to group you into one of 16 personality types but this does not mean that four letters can fully describe who you are. According to the Myers-Briggs method, there are eight introverted personality types: ISFJ, ISTJ, ISFP, ISTP, INFP, INTP, INFJ, INTJ. While it is true that introverted people share many similarities, they all have different fears.

What scares each introverted personality type most?


ISFJs are always worrying about the safety of themselves and their loved ones. They are easily frightened by things they hear or read about as their first thought is always, “What if this happens to me and/or my family?” While everybody fears the death of a loved one, only ISFJs seem to be incapable of ignoring even the smallest of risks. They seem certain that they or someone in their life will get robbed, die in a car crash, suffer from an unusual illness, etc. Therefore, they constantly remind the people in their life to take extra care when going out or travelling; of course, this fear and care is often misunderstood and perceived as nagging.


ISTJs love having a plan and staying in their comfort zone. If you go out to dinner with a group of friends, the ISTJ will be the person ordering the same dish they had the last time (and the time before that, and the time before that). They love having a routine as it makes them feel safe and secure. Unsurprisingly, ISTJs are terrified of hearing about spontaneous plans, new places, and new people.


ISFPs feel at peace when they know that they have opportunities and freedom. If you threaten to take away some of their freedom, they will instantly become terrified. They like knowing that there are endless opportunities and possibilities in store. For this reason, they often struggle with commitment and run away from anything that has the potential to limit them.


ISTPs are independent and capable of surviving on their own. They go about living life the way that makes them happy and the way that they see fit. In other words, they do not fit into the boxes which society has set. Therefore, their biggest fear is being forced into obeying certain rules and doing things in a given way. They value their freedom and do not want to follow rules.


INFPs tend to be extremely anxious when it comes to time. They worry that one day, they will find themselves on their deathbed, realizing that they did not achieve everything they wanted to. What is worse, they are constantly overwhelmed by a nagging fear and a voice that says, “You are running out of time”. In addition to this, they tend to be consumed by self-doubt and the question, “What if?”


INTPs fear rejection more than anything else, even though they are independent and self-assured. They are terrified of getting rejected from jobs and cannot bear the thought of being rejected by a loved one. When this does happen, INTPs dive into self-destructive thoughts that make them think they are not good enough for ‘the perfect job’ or ‘the perfect partner’.


INFJs are extraordinarily intuitive. While this is obviously a positive quality, it also contributes to the INFJs biggest fears. That is, they constantly feel that something is wrong. You might often hear them say that they have a bad feeling about something and once they announce this, they begin to obsess and overthink.


INTJs love to be in control of everything around them. They are people who plan for the future and have long-term aspirations. For them, there is nothing that cannot be solved or controlled — except for the decline of the mind. INTJs are terrified of old age, Alzheimer’s, severe mental illnesses, and anything else that can impact their cognitive abilities.

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