This Is The Secret To Being More Magnetic

We all dream of being somebody else sometimes.

Everybody is insecure — nobody should be, but we all are. We criticize the way we look, talk, think, and walk. “If only I could be like her” and “If only I could look like him” are thoughts that we all have. Rather than focusing on and embracing our good qualities, we focus on what we perceive as bad. It follows then that our confidence drops and our self-esteem plummets. In turn, we become insecure and unsure of ourselves. Afraid that people will not like us for who we are, we pretend to be somebody else. We try to fit in by pretending to have the same interests, opinions, mannerisms, etc. We change everything about us — and for what?

Being fake will only cause you pain.

When you pretend to be somebody you are not, you gain nothing. Trying to fit in does not make you more likable — put bluntly, it makes you dull and boring. More importantly, it does not make you happy. When you go home at the end of the day, you cannot escape the truth as you confront reality: no matter how hard you try to be somebody else, you will always be you. Instead of trying to change, learn to embrace and own who you are.

The things that you perceive as weird or different are the things that make you special.

You are not supposed to hide the things that make you unique. On the contrary, you should celebrate them. You will not become more confident if you change who you are. You will only become more confident when you change how you perceive yourself. The things that make us different are the things that make us interesting, magnetic, and special. If you stop to think about the people who inspire you, you will find that they are all unique. You are not inspired by how well they fit in; you are inspired by how well they stand out.

When you embrace your individuality, you will fall in love with yourself. When others notice this, they will fall in love with you too.

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